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Apps4Rent, a Tier-1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider for Office 365, brings its vast experience in hosting Microsoft software to ensure risk-free migration to Office 365 with zero downtime and no data loss; providing ongoing end-user support that significantly reduces burden on IT; and customizing hybrid solutions between the Cloud and on-premise implementations. Buy Office 365 from Apps4Rent and get free migration and end-user support.

Office 365 in the Cloud boosts the productivity of every business

What We Add to Office 365

Risk-Free Migration

We provide you free migration to Office 365 with the assurance of zero downtime and no data loss, using sophisticated tools, which make sure that all data and attributes are transferred seamlessly.

Free End-User Support

We extend free end-user support, 24/7 by phone, chat, and email; calls and chats are picked up within 60 seconds; emails are responded within 15 minutes; and issues are resolved on the same day.

Customized Hybrids

We are experts in integrating Office 365 with existing on-premise or dedicated server solutions to create customized hybrid solutions that will perfectly suit customer’s specific business needs.

Extensive Experience

We have migrated and supported over 200,000 users in the Cloud from 50+ countries since 2003, for SharePoint, Exchange, Project Server, Dynamics CRM, virtual servers, and virtual desktops.

Microsoft Partnership

We have been in partnership with Microsoft for over 16 years. Besides being a leading Tier-1 CSP for Office 365, Apps4Rent also happens to be a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work.

How Office 365 Comes Ready for Business

You can access Office 365 most conveniently, no matter where you are and which device you have. You also get a consistent experience with the formatting and content of documents staying intact across different devices.

The Perfect Choice

Being a subscription-based model, there is no upfront cost or the need to keep buying newer versions. You also get the flexibility to add users and services as and when needed.

Ideal for Teamwork

Now you can co-author, collaborate, communicate in real time, and do much more. Stay connected through Skype, IM, video calls, and a business-class email to remain updated.

Intuitive Tools for Analysis

Acquire a new and interesting perspective on your data through visualization; make your data more actionable with live monitoring and gleaning of personal and organizational insights.

Always Up and Running

Office 365 resides on geographically diverse Microsoft data centers and assures you a guaranteed 99.9% uptime that comes with a financially backed service level agreement.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Benefit from the built-in compliance and security policies with a set of tools to manage data access across devices. You also get the capability to remotely wipe data on lost devices.

Better Business Productivity

Grow your business with the most powerful combination of productivity applications ever - Office 365, Exchange, SharePoint, Dynamic CRM Online, Project, Power BI, Analytics, and more.

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Together We Guarantee

Free End-user Support
Free Migration
99.9 % Uptime
Hybrid Options
Flexible Plans
IT Cost Savings
Latest Software
Automatic Backup
Disaster Recovery

Have Questions?

Why get Office 365 from Apps4Rent rather than Microsoft?

If you purchase Office 365 straight from Microsoft, the actual end-user cannot directly approach Microsoft for issues – only one designated IT team admin can. Besides, the phone support is limited to only those issues which are included in Microsoft’s official critical issues list.

However, when you purchase Office 365 from Apps4Rent, one of the few Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), you get total service and end-user support. We assist you from start to end in moving to Office 365, including migration, onboarding, deployment and testing. Post the migration, we also extend 24 x 7 x 365 end-user support. We are available to attend to your calls, live chats and emails, to solve any issue that you might face after migration.

And we offer our services and end-user support at no extra cost. The best part is you pay us exactly what you would directly pay Microsoft.

How does Apps4Rent help with migration?

Apps4Rent has a dedicated team of migration experts that will assist you for migrating to Office 365. From migration to onboarding to deployment, we will ensure that the downtime is zero, and there is no data loss in the process. Our team will create the accounts, handle the migration and also provision the users. We follow the industry’s best practices and tools to make sure that your migration is smooth, seamless, and makes you feel 100% satisfied.

Is My Data Secure?

All the data you create and upload resides safely in Microsoft’s highly secure data centers in the US. The data centers fulfill the strictest of compliance requirements; they are manned and monitored round the clock by top professionals and best processes in software security.

Microsoft guarantees 99.9% up time, with a financial backing for the same. Backups are done regularly and automatically on fixed schedules to ensure that your data is never lost. Even when you cancel the subscription, you will still be in control and ownership of all your data and you can take it with you if you decide to opt out.

Can I change or upgrade my Office 365 plans easily?

Office 365 plans come with a lot of flexibility. All you need to do is to contact Apps4Rent support and they can help you change to the plan that you need. After the plan is changed, Apps4Rent support will ensure that the provisioning is done appropriately.

What other products can one combine with an Office 365 subscription through Apps4Rent?

Apps4Rent’s customers of Office 365 can purchase numerous Microsoft hosted products including Dynamics CRM, Project Online, Power BI, Enterprise Security Suite, and other standalone products such as Skype for Business, Exchange Online, and SharePoint Online. Customers can also purchase the use of Microsoft Azure for their variable server needs. All these products are easily managed and provisioned from the same user interface that Office 365 uses.

Besides the above products, Apps4Rent offers virtual desktops and servers where one can install Office 365 copies under certain license conditions. Apps4Rent offers dedicated server versions of software such as SharePoint, Exchange, Project Server, and Dynamics CRM, in cases hybrid solutions are desired. Apps4Rent also offers managed services for an on-premise implementations of these products.

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