Free Onboarding and Migration Services

Apps4Rent’s white-glove Onboarding and Migration services are included at no extra cost. Once you sign-up with us, we will migrate your data to Office 365 without any downtime or data loss. Data migration from your current environment to Office 365 can be difficult and time-consuming. Our Managed Migration takes care of all the challenges that organizations may face when moving to Office 365. Migration is all about understanding the big picture and taking care of nuances well ahead of time and avoiding hidden pitfalls.

We have more than 13 years of experience in migrating data for organizations of various sizes. We have migrated customers from their On-Premise/in-house environment, hosted environment, or offices located at different locations. Our Office 365 Experts will design a fail-proof migration plan with zero downtime or data loss. We have necessary expertise, right tools, and managers who will work with you and migrate the data to Office 365.

Our Migration-Related Case Studies


A local firm headquartered in New York City, specializes in financial consulting services. As they grew, they wanted to reduce costs and to eliminate the risks of downtimes & loss of productivity they decided to move to Exchange Online..


Family-owned real estate business in New York city, adopted Office 365 for email management and collaboration for its whole company. But then they realized that Dynamics CRM required a fair amount of handholding and support..

Migrations Become Less Risky And Painless With Our Help

Migrating from one platform to another can have a huge impact on the organization.  Virtually every person who works in the organization is impacted.  Migration is one of the biggest pain point when switching to cloud.  The pain can only be eliminated with the help of experts.  Our expert 24 x 7 support and free migrations for Office 365 eliminates this pain point and makes it a streamlined and mess-free process.  We provide free migration assistance with Zero Downtime and Zero Loss of data.

Extensive Migrations Expertise

For more than 13 years, we have been helping SMB’s; enterprises take that leap of faith and transition to the cloud.  We capitalized on the momentum which was around Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint, and migrated thousands of customers to our Hosted Platform.  We have in-depth expertise in migrating users and content from various environments to the cloud.  Recently, we were invited to the CSP program by Microsoft.  Since then we have become a Microsoft CSP partner with Competency in “Small and Medium Business Cloud Solutions” and “Hosting”.

With more than 13 years of experience- we have our own Hosted Exchange 2007; Hosted Exchange 2010 and Hosted Exchange 2013 environment with more than 10,000 organizations.  We have migrated 1000’s of users from different environments into the cloud.  Besides, we have the expertise in managing all the technologies.  When both these experiences are combined- what end users get is real product knowledge and expertise in migration.  Be it migrating from your on-premise Exchange environment; SharePoint environment; IBM Lotus Notes environment or Google Enterprise to Office 365-We have done it all.  We will migrate all your data to Office 365 using various tools.  We will be your trusted advisor and trusted partner right from provisioning accounts in Office 365; to migrating and setting up users and providing them 24 x 7 support via phone/chat and e-mail.

Our Approach Towards Migrations

When you purchase Office 365 from us, we will look at your requirements and determine the best migration plan.  Before deciding on the migration method; we have to factor in various parameters which is in our control and some which are not-for example- The user throttling which Microsoft might apply on accounts during migration.  These factors no matter how small they are…can have an impact on your end users productivity.  Factors such as these makes the organization more vulnerable and hence migrations demand utmost attention- and that’s the place where our expertise comes in.  We have done all kinds of migrations in the past from the “Cutover” migrations to “Staged” or “Hybrid”.  Our experts will advise you for the right migration path.  Once we have worked with you in deciding the right migration method.  We would put flexible date next to the plan and execute it.  This flexibility allows your end users to be productive un-hindered while we carry on the migration.  This is where we add value- big change in the background and users work with zero downtime.  There is zero downtime for your end users when migration performed with zero data loss.

Need A Right Partner For Migration? We Are There For You

Migrations can be messy- but with the right partner and advice- mess can be avoided.  We have a team that has migrated thousands of organizations; with zero downtime.  Free migrations and 24 x 7 support is how we have added value and saved thousands of dollars for our customers- not to mention the frustration.

Being a Microsoft Partner with multiple competencies and now a CSP partner; we have access to right information which allows us to look at the future and our more than 13 years of experience in providing self-hosted cloud solutions has enabled us to stay ahead of the curve.  Our partnership with Microsoft has been meaningful and has added lot of value for many of our office 365 customers.