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Want to preserve your email forever? Archiving is the best option to never lose your mailbox data. Add Office 365 email archiving service to your existing Office 365 plan or purchase it separately from Apps4Rent. Get 24/7 Support via phone, chat, and email.

Office 365 Email Archiving

Office 365 solutions include complex privacy and security features to protect users and adhere to compliance requirements. Email archiving 365 is one such feature. It helps organizations securely preserve records and ensure their accessibility when needed. This ensures that organizations can meet their respective industry compliance standards while ensuring that their servers are not overloaded with old data. Depending upon the type of subscription, Office 365 email archiving is either included with Office 365 and Microsoft 365 plans or is available as an add-on.

Email archiving in Office 365 is effective and comprehensive with a range of market-leading features. With the unlimited archiving feature, Office 365 mailboxes provide users up to 1 TB of archiving space in such a way that the mailbox continues to expand generating additional storage space without needing permissions till the aforementioned limit.

Office 365 email archiving is done with the features like messaging records management (MRM), Litigation Hold and PST file import for adhering with the highest compliance standards. Avail Office 365 archiving as an add-on service with your plan from Apps4Rent. We are a Tier-1 Microsoft Office 365 Partner who helps clients set up and deploy archive mailboxes without fuss. Our assistance and end-user support are available free of cost via 24/7/365 via phone, chat, and email. Contact us now!

Features of Office 365 Email Archiving

In-Place Hold

Applied to mailboxes a specific period or indefinitely, In-Place Hold ensures that data that needs to be preserved is not deleted. Also, data and messages with specific parameters like keywords, senders, and recipients, and message types can be defined to be put on hold.

Robust Security

Your data is stored in decentralized servers spread across the globe and is automatically backed up regularly. With a 99.9% guaranteed uptime, your data is secure and resilient against attacks and disasters.

Exercise control

Managing archiving operations has never been simpler with the Security & Compliance Center and Exchange Administration Center (EAC) management to set and manage archiving policies.

Find Things Fast

Find what you are searching fast across your Office 365 applications with the integrated eDiscovery tool as a single point of contact for identifying, holding and analyzing data.

Simple Operations

Users can access archived content right from their inboxes without having to store physical files locally on their computers. Organizations can set and manage appropriate retention policies to archive and delete data automatically.


Users can find information stored in Office 365 applications like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business with the Content Search tool in the Security & Compliance Center. As per the subscription, users can access the Advanced eDiscovery solution.

Unified In-Place Archiving

Store and access emails in your archive mailbox from the Microsoft Outlook client. Seamlessly transition from your regular mailbox to the archive mailbox for a unified experience.

Expandable Storage

Now your archive mailbox expands automatically up to 1 TB to let you stow away all those old emails in a secure server to free up space. No permissions required for the expansion.

Maintenance Simplified

No need for integrating third-party applications for saving and protecting your archived information. Data is stored safely meeting the highest compliance standards for archiving.

Microsoft Guarantee

Office 365 email archiving service is backed by the Microsoft guarantee. Your data is entrusted to safe hands with stringent security and compliance features that protect against malicious attacks.

Why Choose Us for Office 365 Email Archiving Services?

Risk-Free Migration

We provide you free migration to Office 365 with the assurance of zero downtime and no data loss, using sophisticated tools, which make sure that all data and attributes are transferred seamlessly.

Free End-User Support

We extend free end-user support, 24/7 by phone, chat, and email; calls and chats are picked up within 60 seconds; emails are responded within 15 minutes; and issues are resolved on the same day.

Customized Hybrids

We are experts in integrating Office 365 with existing on-premise or dedicated server solutions to create customized hybrid solutions that will perfectly suit customer’s specific business needs.

Extensive Experience

We have migrated and supported over a million end-users in the Cloud from 90+ countries since 2003, for Azure, Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, Project Server, Virtual Desktop and Server.

Microsoft Partnership

Besides being a leading Tier-1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider for Office 365, Apps4Rent also happens to be a top Microsoft Gold as well as Silver Partner for various competencies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Office 365 Email Archiving

How will Apps4Rent help with Office 365 Archiving Plans?

The team of Office 365 experts at Apps4Rent will help you move into this enterprise-class archiving solution that is based on the Cloud. Office 365 users will get to enjoy an integrated experience of one-place archiving. The archived data resides on globally distributed data centers with state-of-the-art disaster recovery capabilities and guaranteed 99.9% uptime; besides your data also gets continuously backed up. You get unlimited archiving space that will ease the demands on your internal storage.

What features does Office 365 have for data protection and internal compliance policies?

Office 365 has Multi-Factor Authentication support at an individual user level. All data transmissions happen through encryption services. The connection between the servers uses TLS while establishing a connection between email servers. Similarly, SSL is used for encrypting Outlook. With Office 365 Trust Center, organizations can define not just the data security measures but also logical and physical security.

How can I retain information for a specific period in Office 365?

Admins can set the period for holding information using the In-Place hold setting from the Exchange Admin Centre. First, the appropriate mailboxes have to be selected along with the type of content that has to be matched.
Users then have to choose between holding the content indefinitely or specifying the number of days to hold items relative to their received date.

What do the Retention and Deletion options do in Office 365 archiving?

Office 365 Security and Compliance portal has provisions for admins to manage archived content. They can set retention policies to specify the type of content that has to be retained, the time for which the content will be retained and the mailboxes for which policy will be applicable. This is done using Retention labels to identify the right content. While this can be done manually, organizations can automate the process to minimize human efforts.

Who can achieve emails in Office 365?

The ability to enable and disable archive mailboxes is available with the admins of the respective organizations. In the Exchange admin center, users with Mail Recipients role have access via the Permissions page. An authorized user can see the Archive page in the Security & Compliance Center. The mailboxes for which archiving should be enabled or disabled can be selected from this page.

Which Office 365 plans include email archiving?

Cloud-based archiving and in-place hold is available with the subscription of the following O365 plans:

• Office 365 Enterprise E3
• Office 365 Enterprise E5

It is also available with other subscriptions like:

• Exchange Online Plan 2
• Microsoft 365 Business
• Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3
• Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5

Archiving is available as an add-on with the following plans:

• Office 365 Business Essentials
• Office 365 Business Premium
• Office 365 Enterprise E1
• Office 365 Enterprise F1

It can also be added to the following:

• Exchange Online Plan 1
• Exchange Online Kiosk
• Microsoft 365 Enterprise F1

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