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Copilot AI Free vs Pro vs Copilot for Microsoft 365

Microsoft Copilot represents a groundbreaking AI-driven code completion tool that transforms the landscape of software development across diverse sectors. Copilot enables users to engage with an AI bot seamlessly integrated into crucial tools, spanning Microsoft Word to PowerPoint, using everyday language prompts or inputs. To gain access to Copilot in its various iterations, users are now required to make a financial commitment. Comprehensive insights into Copilot pricing are crucial for those interested in leveraging its capabilities. While the specific functionalities and advantages of Copilot may vary across applications, its core purpose remains that of a digital assistant.

Consequently, Microsoft now offers different Copilot AI plans catering to each user type, commencing with the introduction of Microsoft Copilot Free, Pro, and Copilot for Microsoft 365. Following is a comparison for the pricing plans and features available for users.

Copilot Copilot Pro Copilot for Microsoft 365



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Establishing a foundational web presence
Ensuring data protection in commercial settings
Prioritizing model access
Integrating Copilot into Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote
Implementing Copilot functionality in Teams
Establishing grounding in Microsoft Graph
Providing enterprise-grade data protection
Allowing customization Copilot GPT Builder Copilot Studio



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All Our Microsoft Copilot AI Plans Include

End-user support
migration help
24 x 7
phone, chat, & email
Knowledge base
on it costs
automatic updates
data backup
security levels
guaranteed 99.9%
Partner expertise

FAQ's Related to Microsoft Copilot AI Plans

What is the significance of Copilot being powered by GPT-4 from OpenAI?

Copilot’s use of GPT-4 signifies a highly advanced AI language model, indicating its capability to provide sophisticated language-based assistance in Microsoft 365 apps.

What is the Copilot Pro option, and how does it differ from the regular Copilot?

Copilot Pro is a premium option priced at $20 per month for consumers, providing advanced AI-powered Copilot features inside Office apps and other applications, going beyond the basic chatbot functionality.

Who is behind the AI technology powering Copilot?

Copilot is powered by GPT-4 from OpenAI, representing a sophisticated AI language model.

What changes has Microsoft made to Copilot’s availability in Teams and Outlook?

Copilot is now available in Teams for meeting summaries and Outlook for summarizing email threads, expanding its utility across various Microsoft 365 applications.

What is the overall aim of Copilot for Microsoft 365?

The aim of Copilot for Microsoft 365 is to revolutionize document creation and editing by leveraging AI to assist users in real-time within Office apps, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

What are the key features of Copilot in Office apps?

Copilot assists in generating text or altering paragraphs in Word, creating PowerPoint presentations based on Word documents, and helping with features like PivotTables in Excel.

Can individuals access Copilot without any cost?

Yes, there is a regular Copilot version available free of charge to both consumers and businesses, functioning as a chatbot similar to ChatGPT.

What was the November launch of Copilot for Microsoft 365 like?

The November launch was more like a preorder event, where businesses couldn’t immediately access Copilot, and only the largest enterprise users had access initially.

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