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Microsoft Phone System

  • Cloud auto attendants
  • Call forwarding
  • Simultaneous ringing
  • Record conversations
  • Detailed caller ID
  • Video call using Microsoft Teams

As low as
$33.00 per user/month
   Based on annual payment
   E1 + Phone System + Domestic Calling Plan

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If you are looking for Microsoft Cloud PBX solution at best price, you’ve come to the right place. At Apps4Rent, you get more than Microsoft’s Phone System. Enjoy our top-notch migration service along with concierge 24/7 Support via phone, chat, and email.

Microsoft Phone System – Cloud PBX in Office 365

Microsoft Phone System, called Cloud PBX until recently, empowers businesses with PBX capabilities in the Office 365 suite. It extends the VoIP capabilities of Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business beyond making and receiving calls to a full-fledged business phone system.

With Phone System, Microsoft revolutionizes how cloud PBX system is used within an organization. As long as you have any internet connection, you get all the PBX features but without paying for complex and high-cost telephony equipment.

Microsoft Phone System is either included or available as an add-on with most Office 365 and Microsoft 365 plans. Pick a calling plan of your choice to upgrade to the next generation of PBX on cloud with Microsoft Phone System.

Apps4Rent is a trusted Microsoft partner in implementing solutions and systems for businesses. If your business is keen on enhancing its communications capabilities with PBX cloud hosting, we would gladly be of assistance to you right from the stage of selecting the right service and preparing your network for migration. Our engineers are available for help via phone, email and chat 24/7 at all stages.

Features of Microsoft Phone System

Cloud PBX Hosting

Implement an effective phone system within your business without the hassles of the expensive servers and auxiliary equipment. Your private exchange is now hosted on Azure. No more expensive maintenance and service overheads.

Alerts and Status Changes

Now know when someone is available to take calls with the ability to tag people for status changes. Use the caller ID functionality to identify callers. Use different ringtones for different people to identify callers quickly.

Secure Federated Calls

Securely communicate with people from different domains and external stakeholders with Skype for Business federation. It is now possible to find anyone in the Skype (Teams) directory and securely collaborate with them.

Device Flexibility

Users can make or receive calls on any device of their choice including mobile phones, VoIP landlines, tablets, laptops, and physical computers. In addition to that, the users have the flexibility to switch a call or a meeting to any other device of their choice.

Call transfer and routing

Transfer your calls to your colleague if you are unable to respond to important queries from your clients. Or transfer calls from your internet-enabled device to your cell or tablet. What's more, you can conveniently enable and disable call forwarding in specific hours.

Integrated Caller ID

The integrated caller ID function enables to understand the full details of the caller. Microsoft Phone System uses Azure Active Directory and also displays information about the network provider, which helps users to be prepared for important calls.

Microsoft Phone System Calling Plan pricing


Calling Plan Price

Total Price

Office 365 E5 No additional requirements Domestic: $13.80
International: $32.40
Domestic: $13.80
International: $32.40
Office 365 E3 Phone System ($9.20) Domestic: $13.80
International: $32.40
Domestic: $23.00
International: $41.60
Office 365 E1 Phone System ($9.20) Domestic: $13.80
International: $32.40
Domestic: $23.00
International: $41.60

Why Choose Us for Microsoft Phone System?

Risk-Free Migration

We help you to migrate to Office 365 with the assurance of zero downtime and no data loss, using sophisticated tools, which make sure that all data and attributes are transferred seamlessly.

Free End-User Support

We extend free end-user support, 24/7 by phone, chat, and email; calls and chats are picked up within 60 seconds; emails are responded within 15 minutes; and issues are resolved on the same day.

Customized Hybrids

We are experts in integrating Office 365 with existing on-premise or dedicated server solutions to create customized hybrid solutions that will perfectly suit customer’s specific business needs.

Extensive Experience

We have migrated and supported over a million end-users in the Cloud from 90+ countries since 2003, for Azure, Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, Project Server, Virtual Desktop and Server.

Microsoft Partnership

We have been in partnership with Microsoft for over 16 years. Besides being a leading Tier-1 CSP for Office 365, Apps4Rent also happens to be a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work.


  • Cloud-native PBX
  • Multi-device support
  • Configurable workflow
  • Caller details
  • Hi-tech security
  • Call answer/Initiate by name/number
  • Available for all devices
  • Free 24/7/365 end-user support on phone, chat and email
  • Free migration with zero downtime and no data loss
  • Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider by invitation
  • Microsoft Office 365 Partner
  • Microsoft Gold Partner for Small & Midmarket Cloud Solutions and Application Development
  • Microsoft Silver Partner for Collaboration and Content
  • Microsoft Certified Professionals
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Experts
  • Over a decade of experience
  • 2,00,000+ clients from more than 90 countries
  • Comes with guaranteed 99.9% uptime, financially backed SLA
  • 5-layer security and proactive monitoring
  • Extensive protection and safeguard; your data always remains yours
  • No IT expertise required to deploy the product and manage users
  • Free version upgrades and updates included in subscription


How is the Microsoft Phone System different from other PBX?

Microsoft Phone System is a cloud-native service. It costs a fraction of the investment required to install and maintain the infrastructure on an on-premises exchange. Moreover, users can access it from any device of their choice as long as it is connected to the internet. It has a 99.9% guaranteed up-time that is difficult to achieve with on-premises PBX systems.

Is Microsoft Phone System a replacement for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business?

No, Microsoft Phone System is not a replacement for either of the applications. It enhances their capabilities by allowing users to perform tasks like placing, receiving, transferring, muting and unmuting calls on phones from a unified UI within Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business to deliver an integrated experience.

How does the Microsoft Phone System connect calls outside an organization?

Microsoft Phone System is a cloud PBX that replicates the functioning of regular private on-premises exchanges. It links with a PSTN to connect calls. This can be done either through direct routing involving a third-party carrier or by using one of the Calling Plans offered by Microsoft.

What is needed for using the Microsoft Phone System?

Businesses must use either Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams as their communication and collaboration platform. While businesses with Office 365 Enterprise E5 get Microsoft Phone System by default, it is compatible with other versions like Enterprise E3 and E5 as an add-on plan for $8.00/user/month on an annual commitment. Organizations must use a phone system with VoIP capability and need to choose between the Calling Plan, Direct Routing, or their combination for inbound and outbound calls.

How can Apps4Rent help our business with Microsoft Phone System?

Apps4Rent has deep expertise in helping clients migrate to the cloud-based offerings of Microsoft. We will help you configure the requisite infrastructure apart from offering practical and operational assistance during the deployment of the Microsoft Phone System. Our engineers provide 24/7 support over the phone, chat, and email after onboarding.

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