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    New Commerce Experience and Price Changes

    Beginning March 2022, Microsoft only allows setup in the New Commerce Experience (NCE) which is part of the transformation aimed towards modernizing purchasing process. Please note that due to the way NCE is structured by Microsoft, Apps4Rent’s terms to its customers will be changed as described below.

    New Commerce Experience (NCE) Related Changes to Terms and Pricing.

    Monthly Commitment:

    • Microsoft has increased its prices significantly for monthly subscriptions in the NCE. Consequently, prices offered by Apps4Rent to its customers have also increased.
    • Downgrades are not permitted while one can avail upgrades for mid-level products.
    • Upfront billing every month.

    Annual Commitment:

    • Apps4Rent currently offers annual plans at Microsoft retail Prices for the first year.
    • Downgrades are not permitted, although upgrades are available in the annual subscription period.
    • Upfront yearly billing.

    Cancellation Policy:

    Apps4Rent allows cancellations on NCE offers within 48-hours of signing up for a plan subscription. All cancellations are subject to the procedure laid out here.

    Adding/ Subtracting licenses:
    Under NCE, one can downsize/ reduce the licenses only within the first 48 hours of signing up. On the other hand, adding more licenses can be done anytime.

    Microsoft 365/ Office 365 Plans Price Increase

    Microsoft has updated the prices of some plans below for its Microsoft 365 productivity cloud for the first time since it launched Office 365 a decade ago. Apps4Rent is currently offering the new Office 365/ Microsoft 365 annual price plans at the same new rates as Microsoft. The change in prices is reflective of the changes made by Microsoft on its official channels and will be applicable from March 1, 2022. Below are the old and revised prices per user per month based on annual commitments.


    Old Price

    New Price

    Microsoft 365 Business Basic



    Microsoft 365 Business Premium



    Office 365 E1



    Office 365 E3



    Office 365 E5



    Microsoft 365 E3



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