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Microsoft Office 365 vs GoDaddy Office 365

Are you looking to subscribe to Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)?
A Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) is the way to purchase a Microsoft 365 subscription.

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program, also known as the Microsoft 365 Reseller Program, allows the partner CSPs to sell Microsoft products and manage customer subscriptions.

But there are two ways of making the Microsoft 365 purchase. Either through Microsoft’s DIRECT Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) like Apps4Rent. Or through Microsoft’s INDIRECT Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) like GoDaddy.

Opting for a Microsoft 365 subscription through a direct reseller outweighs the offering by GoDaddy. We assert this based on our in-depth understanding of both direct and indirect subscription models.

Still in doubt?

Let’s help you understand the difference between Microsoft 365 and GoDaddy Office 365. This comparative analysis will give you a sneak peek into what users get when purchasing a Microsoft 365 subscription through a Microsoft CSP like Apps4Rent and GoDaddy.

Aspects Microsoft 365 GoDaddy Office 365
Pricing Competitive pricing with a range of plans Pricing may be higher for similar plans
Support 24/7 support through various channels (phone, chat, email) 24/7 support, but may have limited expertise
Access to Microsoft’s extensive support resources Support is primarily for GoDaddy services
Admin Access Full admin control over all features and settings Limited admin controls and customizations
Granular administrative roles and permissions Restricted access to certain administrative tools
Features Comprehensive suite of Office apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) Office apps included but potentially fewer features
Advanced security and compliance features Basic security features; advanced may be limited
OneDrive with advanced sharing and collaboration OneDrive included but may lack advanced features
Integration with a wide range of third-party apps Limited third-party integrations
Email Hosting Advanced email hosting with Exchange Online Basic email hosting, Exchange features may be limited
Storage 1TB OneDrive storage per user 1TB OneDrive storage per user
(Gets expensive with increasing the storage space requirement)
Updates and Upgrades Regular updates directly from Microsoft Updates managed by GoDaddy, potentially delayed
Customization High level of customization for business needs Limited customization options
Migration Services Comprehensive migration tools and support Basic migration support, may need external help
Scalability Highly scalable to accommodate business growth Scalable but with potential limitations compared to Microsoft
User Management Advanced user and device management Basic user management tools
Security Advanced threat protection and security policies Basic security, with some advanced features available at higher tariff
Compliance Extensive compliance certifications and tools Limited compliance features and certifications

AThe Microsoft 365 Business plans offered by a direct CSP like Apps4Rent and GoDaddy Office 365 sound similar in pricing and features. However, there are certain downsides to choosing an indirect reseller like GoDaddy—which might cause productivity setbacks and become more expensive as you scale.

Downsides of Using GoDaddy (Microsoft’s Direct CSP)

GoDaddy, primarily a domain registrar and web hosting company, started offering Microsoft 365 in 2014 after a partnership with Microsoft. Even with the cost-effectiveness upfront, GoDaddy's Office 365 plans have their downsides.

The major downsides are:
  • Limited admin access and customization over services due to CSP-managed billing
  • Slower issue resolution as support requests go through the CSP
  • More complex user and permission management and unavailability of features
  • More difficult to migrate or scale services and integrate with other systems
  • Extra costs and less transparent pricing compared to direct Microsoft purchases
  • Poorer quality and slower support options which may vary by region
  • Less reliable Service Level Agreements (SLAs) compared to Microsoft's

Perks of Partnering with Apps4Rent (Microsoft’s Direct CSP)

At Apps4Rent, we're proud to be a top Microsoft direct CSP and product reseller. We offer exceptional benefits when you choose us for Microsoft 365 purchases and Microsoft-aligned cloud hosting and migration services. Here’s why partnering with Apps4Rent is beneficial:

Key benefits of Apps4Reant as a CSP are:
  • Customized services to meet your unique business needs
  • Flexible plans adjustable as your business evolves
  • Instant access and integration to Office 365 and Azure, with the latest features
  • 24/7 assistance and expert guidance from Microsoft product specialists
  • Competitive pricing and solutions to minimize IT costs and overheads
  • Streamlined operations, growth-oriented services, and future-proof technology

Partnering with Apps4Rent means leveraging the full potential of Microsoft’s offerings with personalized service and support. We as Microsoft's CSP and your trusted cloud partner are committed to your digital success.

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FAQ's Related to Microsoft Office 365 vs GoDaddy Office 365

What is the difference between a Direct CSP and an Indirect CSP?

Apps4Rent works with Microsoft as a Direct CSP to offer Office 365 plans and services. This direct partnership brings us more authority to cater to clients with faster support and streamlined cloud services. GoDaddy, on the other hand, is an Indirect CSP. It resells Microsoft services under its brand which often complicates the support process.

What kind of support can I expect from Apps4Rent for Microsoft 365?

Businesses subscribing to Microsoft 365 through Apps4Rent can bet on us for prompt and 24×7 resolution of any issue. Since we are Microsoft’s direct CSP, we can escalate problems directly to Microsoft for quicker and more up-to-date resolution.

What security features are included with Apps4Rent’s Office 365 plans?

At Apps4Rent, we prioritize the security of your business data by integrating advanced security features into our Office 365 plans. Our offerings include end-to-end encryption and compliance tools while we upgrade or integrate the cloud into your traditional IT setup. This helps your business not only adhere to regulatory standards but also keeps security risks at bay.

How does Apps4Rent’s pricing compare to GoDaddy’s?

Apps4Rent provides Microsoft 365 plans with competitive pricing. Besides transparent costs, we promise that there are no hidden fees in our plan and subsequent cloud service offerings. GoDaddy’s Microsoft 365 offer looks cost-efficient on the top, but it turns out to be expensive later with added fees for email security and archiving.

Does Apps4Rent offer additional cloud services beyond Microsoft (Office) 365?

Apps4Rent offers all cloud services under the cloud umbrella. The major cloud services that brought us recognition in the market are cloud migration, secure SharePoint hosting, and flexible virtual desktops. Our experience in cloud technology ensures your transition to the cloud is efficient and well-supported.

What makes Apps4Rent a reliable choice for Office 365 subscriptions?

Apps4Rent is a reliable choice for your Office 365 subscriptions because of our long partnership with Microsoft, direct CSP status, and extensive experience since 2003. As a Direct CSP, we offer quicker response times and direct support from Microsoft. Our cloud expertise and personalized customer support ensure you receive the best service available.

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