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  • Smooth Transition With No Disruptions
  • Single Project Manager
  • White Glove Service During Transition
  • Over 100,000 Successful Migrations
  • 24/7 Expert Support Beyond Microsoft
  • Hosted Exchange and SharePoint Provider Since 2003
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Office 365 Migration Services for Success

Apps4Rent’s white-glove onboarding services are included without any extra cost for everyone – be it a single mailbox or a thousand-mailbox customer. Get free migration services if you purchase our annual plans. Once you sign-up with us, we will migrate your data to Office 365 without any downtime or data loss. Data migration from your current environment to Office 365 can be difficult and time-consuming. Our Managed Migration services takes care of all the challenges that organizations may face when migrating to Office 365. Migration is all about understanding the big picture and taking care of nuances well ahead of time and avoiding hidden pitfalls.

We have more than 15 years of experience in migrating data for organizations of various sizes. We have migrated customers from their in-house environment, hosted environment, or offices located at different locations. Our Microsoft-certified Office 365 experts will design a fail-proof migration plan with zero downtime or data loss. We have necessary expertise, right tools, and dedicated managers who will work with you and migrate your data to Office 365.

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Easy Office 365 Migrations Without Disruptions

Migrating from one platform to another can have a huge impact on the organization. All the employees of the organization are virtually impacted with the migration. When switching to the cloud, migration is one of the biggest pain points. The pain can only be eliminated with the help of experts. Our expert 24/7 Support for Office 365 eliminates this pain point and makes it a streamlined and hassle-free process. We provide free migration assistance with zero downtime or data loss.

Migrate to Office 365 from Different Platforms and Providers

Apps4Rent has successfully completed over tens of thousands of migration from different email platforms such as POP3/IMAP, Exchange, G Suite, SharePoint, Yahoo Mail, Lotus Notes, Kerio, AWS Workmail, Groupwise, Zimbra, Mozilla Thunderbird, and more.

We have also migrated from different service providers such as GoDaddy, Rackspace, Bluehost, Intermedia, 1&1 IONOS, and more.

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BlueHost to Office 365 migration service provider
Yahoo Mail
IBM Lotus Notes
AWS Workmail
Enterprise Vault
Experience in AOL to Microsoft 365 migration
Liquid Web
Proton mail
Mozila Thunderbird
Zoho to Office 365 migration service provider
Experience with to Office 365 migration

Extensive Office 365 Migration Expertise

For more than 15 years, Apps4Rent has been helping SMBs, enterprises take that leap of faith and transition to the cloud. We capitalized on the momentum which was around Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint, and migrated thousands of customers to our hosted platform. We have in-depth expertise in migrating users and content from various environments to the cloud. We are a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work and Tier-1 Direct CSP.

With more than 15 years of experience, we have our own Hosted Exchange 2010 and Hosted Exchange 2013 environment with more than 10,000 organizations. We also have Hosted Exchange 2016, and offer dedicated Exchange 2019. We have migrated tens of thousands of users from different environments to the cloud. Besides, we have the expertise in managing all the technologies. When both these experiences are combined, end users get real product knowledge and expertise in migration. Be it migrating from your on-premise Exchange environment, SharePoint environment, IBM Lotus Notes environment or Google Enterprise to Office 365, we have done it all. We will migrate all your data to Office 365 using various tools. We will be your trusted advisor and partner right from provisioning accounts in Office 365 to migrating and setting up users and providing them 24/7 support via phone, chat, and email.

Why Choose Apps4Rent for Office 365 Migration Services?


White glove treatment

Whether you're just one mailbox or a thousand-mailbox customer, you get white-glove services with single manager dedicated guiding your team at every step.

Well-defined processes

Our well-defined processes from planning to configuration, post-migration support and training, help us to provide you the best possible service.

No downtimes during migration

Your emails won't be affected when migration is in the process. There will be zero data loss and no downtimes whatsoever.

Thousands of successful migrations under the belt

We have implemented thousands of successful migrations from SharePoint and all email systems - Exchange, POP3, IMAP, G Suite, GroupWise, Kerio, Lotus Notes, and more.

Compliance and security

Apps4Rent's Office 365 migration services are compliant with various industry regulations and follow strict security protocols to protect them from unauthorized access or theft during the migration process.

24/7/365 Customer Support

Our migration experts will be available 24 x 7 x 365 on phone, chat, and email to assist you with any queries so you can focus on your business operations.

Cloud service provider since 2003

We have served more than 10,000 customers, across more 90+ countries since 2003. We believe in delivering value-based service to our customers.

Reliability and Security

When it comes to security and dependability, Office 365 carries the Microsoft commitment to ensuring a 99.9% uptime, backed by a robust service level agreement (SLA).

Free migration on buying annual plans

If you purchase our annual plans, Apps4Rent offers Office 365 migration services for free. You spend less internal or external resources, effectively saving thousands of dollars in migration costs.

Expertise in complex migrations

With 16+ years of experience in this field, our team has expertise in handling complex migrations involving multiple domains, hybrid environments, and custom configurations. We ensure that your migration is handled with the utmost professionalism and expertise.

How Do We Approach Our Office 365 Migrations?

When you purchase Office 365 from us, we will look at your requirements and determine the best migration plan. There are many factors taken into consideration before deciding the correct migration method for you. We study the parameters which are in our control, while carefully analyzing those which are beyond our control like user throttling applied by Microsoft on user accounts during migration. These factors can be very small in the larger migration picture but may impact on your end-user productivity. Therefore, we take care of migrations in utmost detail to avoid tiniest of issues which may make your organization vulnerable in the future. We have performed all kinds of migrations in the past be it Office 365 cutover migration, or staged migration, or the combination of both in Office 365 hybrid migration. Our experts will advise you for the right migration path. Once we have worked with you in deciding the right migration method. We would put flexible date next to the plan and execute it. This flexibility allows your end users to be productive, not disturbed at all, while we carry out Office 365 migration in the backend. This is where we add value to your Office 365 migrations – big change in the background and users work with zero data loss and no downtimes whatsoever.

Need A Right Partner For Office 365 Migration?

Migrations can be messy but with the right partner and advice, this mess can be avoided. We have a team that has migrated thousands of organizations with zero downtime and data loss.

Apps4Rent understands the importance of successful migration and has a proven track record of delivering outstanding results for our clients. With years of experience in Office 365 migration services, our team has helped thousands of organizations across a wide range of industries, from small businesses to large enterprises, to successfully migrate to Office 365.

Our migration process is carefully designed to minimize disruption and ensure that clients’ critical applications and data are up and running as quickly as possible. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique requirements and develop customized plan that meets their needs.

Being a Microsoft Partner with multiple competencies and a handpicked CSP partner, we have access to right information which allows us to look at the future and our more than 15 years of experience in providing self-hosted cloud solutions has enabled us to stay ahead of the curve. Our partnership with Microsoft has been meaningful and has added lot of value for many of our Office 365 customers. Leverage our rich experience in Office 365 to get the right solution for your business requirements.











What is Microsoft Office 365 Migration?

Microsoft Office 365 migration entails the process of transitioning an organization’s email, documents and other data from an on-premises environment or another cloud platform to Microsoft’s cloud-based productivity suite, Microsoft Office 365. This migration typically involves moving essential data such as emails, contacts, calendars and documents from an existing system to Microsoft Office 365 while ensuring minimal disruption to business operations.

The intricacies of this migration process are vast and multifaceted, influenced by numerous factors unique to each organization. Considerations such as the organization’s size, the intricacy of their current setup, the nature of data to be migrated and the selected migration approach all play pivotal roles in shaping the (Microsoft Office 365 Migration) migration roadmap.

Each organization’s migration experience is as unique as their fingerprint. Some may opt for a phased migration approach, gradually transitioning different departments or segments of data to minimize disruption.


3 Phases of Office 365 Migration

Office 365 migration is a significant undertaking for organizations looking to leverage cloud-based productivity tools and modernize their IT infrastructure. It typically involves several phases to ensure a smooth transition and minimal disruption to daily operations. Here are the three key phases of an Office 365 migration that organizations should thoroughly check:

This phase involves thorough planning and preparation to set the stage for a successful migration. Key tasks in this phase include:

  • Introducing the Office 365 onboarding team
  • Planning and provisioning the feasibility of migration
  • Dedicating an Office 365 migration expert for each case
  • Tailor-made migration strategy as per the structural audit
  • Deciding the Office 365 migration time frame

The migration phase involves executing the planned migration strategy while minimizing disruptions to end-users. Key activities during this phase include:

  • Synchronizing accounts
  • Test migrations of representative users
  • Continuous Office 365 migration updates
  • Checking configurations with the in-house IT team

After completing the migration, organizations must focus on post-migration activities to optimize Office 365 usage and ensure ongoing success. Key tasks in this phase include:

  • Post Office 365 migration checks of mailboxes, files, Active Directories
  • Troubleshooting minor issues and fixing tiny nuances of migration
  • Practical training to the end-users on operating the new environment
  • 24/7 dedicated Support via phone, chat, and email

Our Office 365 Migration Services ensure a smooth and stress-free transition, regardless of the size of your business. You can count on our expertise for a seamless changeover without interruptions. If you are considering moving to Microsoft Office 365? We at Apps4Rent can provide you exceptional Microsoft 365 migration services with 24/7 dedicated support.

FAQs on Office 365 Migration

Why organizations are opting for Exchange migration to Office 365?

Organizations today want to stay up to date with the latest technology. There is a great interest in cloud today within the industry, which is expected to grow even further in near future. More businesses are decommissioning their inhouse infrastructure, which serves email systems like Exchange, and moving to the cloud. That is the reason why organizations carry out Exchange to Office 365 migration, as Office 365 is based in the cloud.

What types of Office 365 migration does Apps4Rent perform?

Apps4Rent has carried over tens of thousands of migrations including all types – Office 365 cutover migration, Office 365 staged migrations, Office 365 hybrid migrations, Office 365 IMAP migrations, and even Office 365 third-party migrations using tools.

Is it possible to use my own domain name for the emails in Office 365?

Yes. You add your own domain name for the emails in Office 365 and set up your email address accordingly. Multiple domains and sub-domains can be added to Office 365 including hosting of any services. You can make the DNS changes as an admin of your domain.

Which are the different platforms that Apps4Rent carry out Office 365 migrations from?

Apps4Rent carries out Office 365 migrations from Exchange, Google, Mozilla Thunderbird, Lotus Notes, Kerio, GroupWise, or any other systems.

Are IMAP migrations to Office 365 possible?

Yes. We have carried out hundreds of Gmail to o365 migrations without data loss or downtimes.

Does Apps4Rent provide migration to new Microsoft 365 plans too?

Yes. Apps4Rent can help in migrating emails to all Office 365 and Microsoft plans.

How long will it take to complete the migration process?

The duration for Office 365 migration can vary depending on various factors such as the size of the organization and the amount of data to be migrated. However, our team will work with you to develop a timeline to minimize disruption to your business operations.

Will there be any downtime during the migration process?

No, there will be no downtime during the migration process. We use advanced migration tools and processes to ensure that your email systems remain up and running during the transition to Office 365.


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