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    Apps4Rent offers you knowledgeable end-user support, 24 x 7 x 365, to help you reap the full benefits of data analysis through Power BI Desktop. Our data professionals are available to you on phone, chat, and email and will assist you in building robust and reusable models over your data for organizational reporting and analysis in your business.

    Power BI Desktop

    Quickly discover patterns as you explore a single unified view of linked, interactive visualizations. Transform and clean data in a simpler and faster manner. Try the data shaping and modeling capabilities to take back hours in your busy day. As a complete analytics life-cycle Power BI Desktop has all the capabilities to quickly connect, shape, visualize, publish, and share data insights. Design once, view anywhere and get data into the hands of decision makers when and where they need it.

    When you buy Power BI Desktop from Apps4Rent, a Tier-1 Microsoft Office 365 Partner, you get more than the product itself. To start with, our dedicated team of Microsoft-certified experts help you smoothly and safely setup Power BI Mobile for you. Post the setup, our technical team remains available to you 24 x 7 x 365 on phone, live chat, and email to help you with any issues that you may run in to. Best part, our Power BI Desktop setup assistance and end-user support come totally free!

    Create Reports

    Reports can be created from scratch within Power BI, can be imported with shared dashboards, or can be created when you connect to datasets from Excel, Power BI Desktop, databases, SaaS applications and content packs.

    Share Your Dashboard

    Share your dashboards with colleagues or create a dashboard in a group and share it with others outside the group. Create and publish a content pack to your whole organization or to a security/ distribution list.

    Connect to Services Content

    You can connect to content packs for services such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Google Analytics and more. Power BI creates dashboards and reports that automatically fetch and show services data with visual insights.

    Connect to OneDrive for Business

    When you have a group created in Power BI Pro, you can continue updating the files in your OneDrive for Business, and the updates are automatically reflected in the reports and dashboards based on those files.

    Put Up Dashboards

    Your dashboards can contain one or more tiles. Each tile displays a single visualization that was created from the data in one of the underlying dataset(s). One dashboard can display visualizations from many different datasets.

    Q&A Question Box

    Explore your data by asking a question and letting Power BI Q&A give you an answer, in the form of a visualization. Q&A cannot be used to add content to a report; it can only add content in the form of tiles to dashboards.

    Creating a Group

    Groups in Power BI Pro bring together people and information, and connect with Office 365 apps for enhanced collaboration. Create a group in Power BI, or in Office 365 and it will have the same characteristics.

    Using Data from Many Files

    Get data from Excel, Power BI Desktop, and CSV files into Power BI. You can bring whole Excel files into Power BI and publish to Power BI from Excel. You can also directly replace an Excel, Power BI Desktop, or CSV file in Power BI.

    Risk-Free Migration

    We provide you free migration to Office 365 with the assurance of zero downtime and no data loss, using sophisticated tools, which make sure that all data and attributes are transferred seamlessly.

    Free End-User Support

    We extend free end-user support, 24/7 by phone, chat, and email; calls and chats are picked up within 60 seconds; emails are responded within 15 minutes; and issues are resolved on the same day.

    Customized Hybrids

    We are experts in integrating Office 365 with existing on-premise or dedicated server solutions to create customized hybrid solutions that will perfectly suit customer’s specific business needs.

    Extensive Experience

    We have migrated and supported over 200,000 users in the Cloud from 50+ countries since 2003, for SharePoint, Exchange, Project Server, Dynamics CRM, virtual servers, and virtual desktops.

    Microsoft Partnership

    Besides being a leading Tier-1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider for Office 365, Apps4Rent also happens to be a top Microsoft Gold Partner for Collaboration and Content, as well as for Hosting.

    Have Questions?

    How exactly will Apps4Rent help me with Power Bi Desktop?

    Apps4Rent, with its 24 x 7 x 365 free end-user support, helps you harness the full power of Power BI Desktop. Apart from assisting in connecting to content packs of your subscribed services, we also help in creating dashboards and dashboard tiles that will help you gather quick insights. We can set up Power BI gateways, and support you in fetching and publishing data from your various data bases and files.

    How does Power BI Desktop work?

    Power BI Desktop works as a free desktop application that gets installed on your PC or laptop. Power BI Desktop helps you create interactive visualizations to explore, shape and model the data. It also generates intuitive reports which can be saved, published and shared on the Power BI site.

    What do I need to use Power BI Desktop?

    You will just need a browser and work email to use the Power BI services. Power BI does not accept email addresses offered by consumer email services or telecommunications providers, as well as those ending with .gov.

    Is Power BI available on-premises?

    No, Power BI is not available as an on-premises version. However, both Power BI and Power BI Desktop are capable of securely connecting to your on-premises data. The Power BI Analysis Services Connector allows you to establish a live connection to your on-premises SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular models. When you use the Power BI Personal Gateway, you can even connect to other on-premises data sources and refresh data.

    How are content packs used in the context of BI?

    Content packs are readymade solutions from popular services such as, Adobe Analytics, and QuickBooks Online etc. that form a part of the Power BI advantage. If you are a subscriber of such services, you can connect to your account through Power BI, tap into the data contained in them, and use the dashboards and reports created specifically for those services. Besides these, you also have organizational packs that feature tools to build custom content packs for any organization, with its own set of datasets, dashboards, and reports that can be generated using Power BI.

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