Microsoft Introduces an Approval Workflow Feature to Teams

With the beginning of the year 2021, companies across the globe have started updating products and features to enhance the experience of their existing customers and attract potential clients. Microsoft has also recently introduced new features for Teams. One of the major updates that Microsoft Teams is expected to receive early this year is Approvals. It is a workflow feature to streamline tasks/requests from team members. This article will analyze how this feature will affect the user experience of Teams users.

What is Approvals?

Approvals is the name of an app that is native to Teams and will be enabled by default if a tenant has Power Automate turned on. The Approval app will allow you to create, manage, and share approvals using the workspace provided for teamwork. The feature will use the Power Automate infrastructure to trigger these approvals automatically and will not require a flow with an approvals action.

How will the Approvals Feature Work?

From project proposals to client agreements, there are several requests you need to raise and get approved. The Approvals app within Microsoft Teams will enable you to request, analyze, and manage all your approvals, including those from Power Automate, SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and more. To use the Approvals feature, you will be required to perform the following steps.

  • Launch Teams.
  • Go to Approvals.
  • Select New approval request.
  • Add details and hit Send.

How will the Approvals App Affect Your Teams Experience?

Once you send out an approval request, approvers will be able to take an action right from the same chat. With Approvals in Teams, you will be able to manage all your approvals regarding a client discount, expense reports, vacations, and more. All your approvals will be stored in the app for you to view, including those that have been approved or rejected. Moreover, the sent approvals will be available to view across SharePoint, Power Automate, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. If you do not want the Approvals feature in your tenant, you will be allowed to disable it from the Teams Admin Center.

When Can You Start Using the App?

The Approvals feature is expected to roll out in January 2021. However, it may not be available to all Teams users. Microsoft has outlined a list of specific Office 365 and Microsoft 365 licenses that will have access to this feature. Approvals can be seen as the next step to make Microsoft Teams a complete hub that offers a comprehensive toolset for effective communication and collaboration.

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