Copilot AI vs Relativity AI: Which Is the Best AI Tool for Lawyers

Technology efficiency has become more important than ever. Law firms are using AI for productivity and simplifying complex processes. Among the top AI tools are Microsoft’s Copilot AI for Lawyers and Relativity AI for Lawyers. Each tool offers unique capabilities tailored to improve a lawyer’s legal practice. The purpose of this article is to describe how Microsoft Copilot and Relativity can be utilized by lawyers and how they compare against each other in terms of a variety of factors.

Microsoft Copilot AI Assistant for Lawyers/ Law Firms

Copilot, developed by Microsoft, integrates with Microsoft 365 to offer a complete AI-powered tool designed to assist legal professionals in various tasks. Due to its adaptability across multiple legal fields, Copilot has earned a reputation as one of the best AI legal assistants.

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Discover how Copilot revolutionizes legal practice.

Key Features:

  • Document Drafting and Review: Copilot AI Assistant for Lawyers automates the drafting process by generating complete documents based on minimum input. Specifically, it can be used to fill out standard legal documents such as nondisclosure agreements or lease agreements that require specific legal terms and conditions.
  • Legal Research: Copilot AI for Lawyers facilitates legal research by analyzing large amounts of legal texts to provide concise, relevant summaries, thereby cutting down the time lawyers spend sifting through case law and statutes.
  • Seamless Communication: The Copilot AI Assistant for Lawyers also helps in drafting clear and precise communications for clients, maintaining consistency across all correspondence which is critical in maintaining professional client relationships.
  • Cost Consideration: While Copilot AI Assistant for lawyers is an add-on for Microsoft 365 subscribers, its integration into daily workflows can justify the initial investment by reducing hours spent on routine tasks.

Relativity AI Assistant for Lawyers/ Law Firms

Relativity is tailored for e-discovery and managing extensive litigation cases. Its suite of tools, including the new Relativity aiR is engineered to handle massive data sets and complex legal challenges.

Key Features:

  • End-to-End Discovery: Relativity AI Assistant for lawyers provides comprehensive solutions from data collection to final analysis, streamlining the e-discovery process in complex cases.
  • Contract Review: Relativity AI improves contract review processes by identifying key clauses and potential issues ensuring thorough scrutiny of legal documents.
  • E-Discovery Efficiency: For cases requiring meticulous document review, Relativity AI for Lawyers offers tools that simplify the identification and processing of relevant documents reducing the time and effort required.
  • Generative AI with Relativity aiR: This includes advanced transcription services that convert audio and video to text, translation for multilingual document handling, and object detection in images which is crucial for cases involving visual evidence. For instance, in intellectual property cases, identifying counterfeit items through visual markers can be streamlined with aiR.
  • Active Learning and Email Threading: Relativity’s AI algorithms enhance document review efficiency by learning from user interactions to prioritize documents most likely to be relevant. Email threading presents communications in an organized manner, which is crucial for understanding the context and timeline of case-related discussions.
  • Security and Privacy: Data privacy is at the forefront of RelativityOne’s priorities. With Microsoft’s collaboration, RelativityOne offers robust security measures for protecting sensitive legal data.

Comparative Insights: Copilot vs. Relativity

When comparing Copilot AI for Lawyers and Relativity AI for Lawyers, it’s important to consider the specific needs of your law practice:

  • User-Friendliness: Copilot may be more user-friendly for lawyers already familiar with Microsoft 365, integrating smoothly into workflows with less of a learning curve. Relativity, while powerful, may require more specialized training, particularly for effectively utilizing its e-discovery features.
  • Functionality: Copilot excels in drafting and research, making it ideal for law firms that deal with a lot of contract work or need quick legal references. In scenarios involving large amounts of discovery data, Relativity’s robust analytics can reduce document review time and effort significantly.
  • Cost Efficiency: Although both platforms require a significant investment, the return on investment depends on your firm’s specific needs. Relativity could offer better long-term value in high-stake litigation environments by streamlining complex discovery processes compared to Copilot for general legal tasks.

Here is a table of comparison for further details:


Microsoft Copilot Relativity


Generative AI tool for legal professionals

eDiscovery and legal document management platform


Assists lawyers in drafting contracts, legal documents, and research

Facilitates eDiscovery, document review, and case management

Productivity Handles administrative tasks (e.g., document formatting, summarizing case notes)
to free up time for legal analysis

Streamlines document review and collaboration


Works alongside Microsoft applications
(Word, Outlook, Teams) commonly used by lawyers

Integrates with various legal software and third-party tools


Available as part of a Microsoft 365 subscription (additional cost for Copilot for Microsoft 365)

Subscription-based pricing for Relativity


Limited customization options

Highly customizable workflows and features

Learning Curve

User-friendly interface, minimal learning curve

Requires training for optimal use

Community A growing community of legal professionals using Copilot

Established user base and support community for Relativity


Both Copilot and Relativity offer specialized AI tools that cater to the distinct needs of legal professionals. Whether it’s improving document drafting with Copilot or optimizing e-discovery with Relativity, choosing the right AI assistant can profoundly impact a law firm’s operational effectiveness. Ensure your firm remains competitive by selecting the AI tool that aligns with your strategic goals.

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As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, Apps4Rent simplifies the adoption of these AI solutions. We offer expert guidance and support for integrating Copilot AI Assistant for Lawyers and Relativity AI into your practice. Contact Apps4Rent to enhance your law firm’s productivity with tailored AI solutions.

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