Copilot in Microsoft Power Platform – Build Bots, Add Trigger Phrases

Users of the Microsoft Power Platform can now experience the power of Generative AI in their platform with the entry of Copilot. Microsoft Power Platform is a collection of tools that help users create and deploy applications, automate workflows, and build bots. The integration of Copilot into Microsoft Power Platform is a game changer in the industry. Copilot is an AI assistant and companion that assists users with suggestions, insights, tasks, and providing information.

In this blog post, we will discuss how Copilot can assist in building bots, how to enable Copilot in Power Platforms, and how to add trigger phrases. Finally, we will look at some of the benefits of Copilot in Microsoft Power Platform.

Using Bots with Copilot in Microsoft Power Platform

Firstly, what are bots? Bots are described as conversational agents that interact with users using various means like voice or text to provide answers, perform certain tasks, or provide custom experiences for the user. Microsoft Power Platform allows for the creation of bots using Power Virtual Agent, one of the environments in Microsoft Power Platform that simplifies bot development and management using its low-code, no-code capabilities.

There are different uses of Copilot in the building process of bots, and we will discuss some of the uses below:

  1. Content Generation: With the help of Copilot for Microsoft 365, content can be generated for the bot for responses, prompts, greetings, and other forms of content based on the input given and the purpose of the bot. That’s not all, Copilot also excels when it comes to generating innovative and imaginative content such as jokes, stories, poems, songs, etc. This can help in engagement and entertainment.
  2. Answering Bot-Related Questions: When building your bot, you might be faced with certain questions. Copilot can help you answer these questions and clarify any step needed for your bot-building process. You can get clarification on certain features, best practices, and fixes to common errors faced when building your bot on Microsoft Power Platforms.
  3. Suggestions: Another strength of Microsoft Power Platform bot building with Copilot is the ability to get suggestions to improve your bot, such as adding entities, and variables, improving flow, and even suggestions on testing your bot. Copilot can also provide suggestions to handle various scenarios, fallbacks, escalations, or clarifications.
  4. Insights: Copilot offers insights to users on how to improve the overall performance of the bot. You can gain insights into the number of conversations, the rate of satisfaction, the retention rate, and feedback. Copilot then generates insights based on these data and recommends measures to improve and personalize the conversation based on the user’s preference, context, and mood.

How to Enable Copilot in Microsoft Power Platforms?

Before you start using Copilot across Microsoft Power Platforms you need to enable data movement across regions. To do this, you must agree to the terms of use on the “Move data across regions” checkbox in your Microsoft Power Platform admin center.

  • Sign in to the admin center.
  • Select your environment.
  • On the Generative AI section, select “Edit”.
  • Review the terms of use and check the “Move data across regions” box.
  • Select “Enable”.
  • You can now use Copilot across all environments – Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents.

Adding Trigger Phrases Using Copilot in Microsoft Power Platform

Trigger phrases in Microsoft Power Platform refer to those words or sentences that your bot needs to initiate a conversation. Trigger phrases are very important since they determine how the bot can be invoked by the users. To add triggers to your bot, users can use the Power Virtual Agents portal or a bot framework composer. Here is how Copilot can assist you in adding trigger phrases:

  1. Generating the Trigger Phrase: Copilot can generate the trigger phrases you need for your bot based on the purpose of the bot and also the input you give Copilot.
  2. Evaluating Trigger Phrases: Once you add your trigger phrases to the bot, Copilot can help evaluate the trigger phrases and provide feedback on the effectiveness of the trigger phrases. Beyond this, Copilot can help resolve any issues that may be discovered during the evaluation. Some possible issues could include ambiguity, redundancy, or overlap.
  3. Testing Trigger Phrases: Users can use Copilot to test their trigger phrases added to the bot to get results on the accuracy, performance, and usability of the trigger phrases. Copilot can also simulate different scenarios with different trigger phrases and evaluate the various outcomes.

Benefits of Using Copilot in Microsoft Power Platform

There are numerous benefits when it comes to using Copilot in Microsoft Power Platforms. Here we highlight some of the key benefits:

  • You Save Time and Effort: With Copilot you can save time and effort by automating many repetitive tasks involved in the process of building bots and adding trigger phrases in Microsoft Power Platforms. Also, Copilot can help reduce the need for coding or debugging while allowing users to focus on the core areas of the bot building.
  • Helps to Enhance the Quality and Functionality of Your Bot: With Copilot you can enhance the quality and functionality of the bots and trigger phrases. Copilot offers content, suggestions, insights, and feedback that can potentially increase the quality of both the bot being built and the trigger phrases being inputted into the bot. Apart from that, Copilot brings user experience and satisfaction to a whole new level with more engaging and personalized content.
  • Leveraging AI and Data: Copilot can leverage the power of AI and data to provide users with information, suggestions, insights, and feedback that are based on the latest and most reliable sources, such as Bing Search, GPT-4, and Microsoft Graph. Copilot can also learn from the user’s input and the bot’s performance, and adapt to the user’s needs and preferences.

How Apps4Rent Can Help?

As a leading provider of Microsoft cloud solutions, Apps4Rent can help you get started with Microsoft Power Platform bot building with Copilot. Apps4Rent offers expert guidance to help you understand the features and benefits of Copilot for Microsoft Power Platform and how your business can align its goals perfectly with the solution. Furthermore, Apps4Rent offers 24/7 support via phone, chat, and email to help resolve any issues you might be facing with the use of Microsoft Power Platform and Copilot. Interested in building bots and adding trigger phrases to your Power Platforms with the help of Copilot, then reach out to us today and get a free consultation from one of our experts.


Microsoft Power Platform bot building with Copilot is truly a revolutionary step in the creation and optimization of bots. Copilot can help generate content, answer bot-related questions, assist with trigger phrases, and improve the overall effectiveness of your bots.

There are several benefits Copilot brings to Microsoft Power Platforms including saving time, improving the quality of your bots, and making better decisions by leveraging AI.

Don’t navigate this system alone, Apps4Rent can help you walk the path as a trusted Microsoft cloud solutions provider. Need assistance with Copilot for Microsoft Power Platform? Reach out to Apps4Rent to get started.

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