How to Migrate Emails from Mail2World to Office 365?

Businesses and organizations are always on the lookout for reliable email platforms for their effective and efficient operations. Mail2World has a good reputation for hosting email. It provides a simple, user-friendly, and safe interface and primarily caters to small and medium-level enterprises.

However, technology is dynamic, and currently, the most sought-after email hosting is Office 365 due to its applications that improve productivity and native cross-platform support. This change is driven by the need for better collaboration, data security, and scaling that Office 365 brings, compared to old email solutions like Mail2World.

On that note, in this blog post, we will discuss the step-by-step process of migrating from Mail2World to Office 365. Understanding this process can help you make an informed decision and witness a smooth Mail2World to Office 365 migration experience.

What Is Mail2World?

Mail2World is an enterprise for email hosting solutions. The company was established in 2000, headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. It provides secure email services, calendars, address books, file storage, and collaboration tools.

Mail2World hosts the service in its data centers, on-premises, or on cloud platforms, including Microsoft Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud. The service is available in over 20 languages. It provides an email service with over 2000 domains to choose from.

It comes integrated with the Calendar, Contacts, and Drive apps to assist users in organizing contacts, planning events, and storing files. The tool is for managing multiple email accounts all under one roof to avoid email overload. It provides a free storage space of up to 25 GB for backups. With this being clear, let’s get to know more about Office 365 in the next section.

Top Reasons to Choose Office 365 Over Mail2World

Here are some of the features of Microsoft Office 365 that make it an attractive choice for businesses to enhance productivity, collaboration, and IT management over Mail2World:

  • Microsoft 365 provides a complete kit of collaboration and productivity apps which includes Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and the full Microsoft Office suite. This makes integration better and allows streamlined workflows within an organization.
  • Organizations are already using other Microsoft products and services. So, after migrating, it seamlessly integrates with the rest of the technology stack. This can increase efficiency and reduce complexity to a much larger extent.
  • Microsoft 365 is bundled with Microsoft Defender for Office 365, which protects customers against advanced threats like phishing, ransomware, and malware across email, documents, and collaboration tools.
  • Microsoft 365 has built-in features for the prevention of data loss. Indeed, prevents the undesired loss of important information over emails, documents, and collaboration applications. This allows an organization to create policies and monitor against leakage.
  • Microsoft 365 offers in-built mobile device management by Microsoft Intune. It allows organizations to secure access and protect data on both personal and corporate devices. This is an enterprise-level feature that is lacking in Mail2World.

How to Migrate from Mail2World to Office 365: A Step-By-Step Guide

You need to plan your complete migration process more carefully and strategically. This is because it is a complex process and it deals with your important and sensitive data.

Here are the key steps to migrate from Mail2World to Office 365:

  • Create a Microsoft 365 Tenant:

    A Microsoft 365 tenant is your organization’s home in the cloud. It includes all your users, their data, and the services you subscribe to. To do the same, go to the Microsoft 365 sign-up page, select a plan that is right for your business, and create all the necessary user accounts and mailboxes.

  • Migrate Email Data:

    • IMAP Migration: This is a good option for smaller migrations. First, connect to the Mail2World IMAP server with the Exchange admin center. Then, use the IMAP migration feature in EAC to migrate email, contacts, and calendar data.
    • CSV File Import Process: This is suitable for larger migrations. You need to create a migration batch and then use the CSV file import process to add user mailboxes and migrate the data. This allows you to migrate users in batches.
  • Update Email Settings:

    • Configure email settings in Outlook or Outlook on the Web for all users.
    • Ensure that email functionality (sending and receiving) is working correctly.
  • Migrate Files (if applicable):

    • If migrating files from Mail2World’s file storage, you can use OneDrive for Business migration tools to move that data to Microsoft 365.

Common Challenges During Mail2World to Office 365 Migration

While the above steps may look simple to proceed with, there are some common issues users face when migrating from Mail2World to Office 365. These include:

  • Ensuring a seamless migration of emails, contacts, calendars, and other information from Mail2World to the new Microsoft 365 mailboxes with no data loss or corruption can be time-consuming, especially for large mailboxes or when dealing with many users within an organization.
  • Sometimes, a situation arises in which the emails being synchronized between the old Mail2World account and the new Microsoft 365 mailbox do not find their way to the user, leading to a few lost messages or causing confusion.
  • Based on the size and complexity of the migration, there can be various downtimes or disturbances in the normal working of email that require proper planning to minimize.
  • Even though Microsoft 365 offers a sense of familiarity through Outlook, users may be accustomed to Mail2World’s interface and features. It’s important to provide training and support to help them transition smoothly.

Apps4Rent Can Help with Mail2World to Office 365 Migration

Migrating your data from Mail2World to Office 365 involves many steps and details that need careful attention. Due to this reason, it is highly recommended to work closely with a migration partner and plan the migration process in phases. Also, while working you must ensure clear communication and training for end users for a smooth transition.

Apps4Rent is a reliable support option for this process. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we can guide you through the entire Mail2World to Office 365 migration process. Our years of experience ensure thorough planning and support at every step of the way. You can reach out to us by phone, email, or by filling out the requirements form. In a single line — If you are considering migrating to Microsoft Office 365, Apps4Rent is a great choice to support you.

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