Microsoft 365 Copilot for Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey maps are visual representations of your customers’ needs, problems, and involvement with your brand. The framework gives the total picture of the customer experience, from the first contact to where the customer buys again. A customer journey map is a timeline laid out to document every interaction a customer has with your business. Now, Microsoft Copilot is a tool that utilizes AI to help you develop and manage customer journeys through simple commands.

Using Copilot for effective customer journey mapping, you can create customer journeys that fit your objectives. With Copilot, we can map consumer journeys and communicate with consumers through all touchpoints in a user-friendly manner. This article will teach us how to conduct customer journey mapping with Microsoft Copilot.

Guide for Customer Journey Mapping with Copilot

Using Microsoft 365 Copilot for effective customer journey mapping, marketing goals can be interpreted in natural language, email content can be automated, and communication can be facilitated through image suggestions.
This article highlights that Copilot can push customer journey mapping into a more efficient, creative, and data-driven process, enabling marketers to deliver pinpointed, individualized experiences that appeal to their audience and call for engagement.

Develop Journeys with AI Support

Copilot will assist you in the creation of journeys for the segments by articulating your objectives and goals in natural language. It can be useful for generating creative ideas for the touchpoints, customer personas, and the journey’s key moments. This leads to different viewpoints and new approaches.

For example, you may enter “create a journey that sends a welcome email to all customers who are part of the loyalty member segment”, and Copilot will provide a journey recommendation. You may change your travels by adding or removing stages and adjusting the settings and parameters.

Use Artificial Intelligence to Automate Email Creation

If you want to prepare email content, use Copilot for important points or use a topic and tone you like for your message. You can provide a list of starting ideas (key points) and a tone of voice. As a result, Copilot creates suggestions for you to build on. You can either include them in your draft, use them as motivation to write a new draft, or even choose a different way of writing.

For example, you may input “write an email that invites customers to a special sale event and offers them a coupon code”, and Copilot will build an email template for you. You may personalize your email templates by modifying the layout, colors, fonts, and photos.

Target the Correct Audience

Creating segments typically requires a deep understanding of your company’s complex data structures. To ease segment creation in the Customer Insights Journeys app, you can utilize the query to assist Copilot in expressing the segment specification in plain English.

Query assist helps you target the correct consumers. Copilot allows you to define travel segments by specifying your criteria in simple language. For example, you may put “customers who bought shoes in the last month”, and Copilot will convert that into a segment query for you. You may customize your segments by adding or deleting criteria and using filters and sorting choices.

Personalized Image Suggestions

Copilot may help to structure the customer journey visually. It can generate flowcharts, timelines, or diagrams representing touchpoints and stages. If you are using the Customer Insight Journeys in Dynamics 365 Marketing, Copilot generates pictures that are consistent with your web email content.

For example, you may enter “show me images of shoes on sale”, and Copilot will provide a gallery of images from which to choose. You may also upload your photographs or choose ones from your collection.

Revisions and Improvements

Copilot allows you to iterate on your material to improve your message quickly. Whether you’re writing for email, SMS, push alerts or forms, Copilot enables you to effortlessly reword messages, change the tone of voice, and shorten or lengthen content.

You can use the Microsoft Copilot to:

  • Rewrite the text and pick between several alternatives.
  • Adjust your tone of speech to be more engaging, formal, relaxed, elegant, or adventurous.

Furthermore, you can use Copilot to develop and refine your content. For example, you may enter “revise this paragraph for a more formal tone” or “make this section more concise,” Copilot will automatically read your instructions and provide dynamic content ideas.

AI-Assisted Themes for Emails

If you are using the Customer Insights Journeys in Dynamics 365 Marketing, Copilot’s AI-assisted themes may take your email communication to new heights. You can match your email’s design with your website’s design using Copilot’s theme assistant.
The best way to ensure you receive visually appealing emails is to define your preferences in plain language. For example, you may enter “give this email a professional and modern theme” or “create a friendly and inviting look for this message,” Copilot will turn your ideas into a beautiful email theme.


Copilot stands as a groundbreaking tool in the realm of customer journey mapping, offering an array of features that streamline connecting with customers in meaningful ways. Through its AI-driven capabilities, Copilot simplifies the creation and management of marketing journeys and empowers marketers to deliver personalized experiences that resonate with their audience.

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