Benefits of Microsoft 365 Copilot for Data Visualization

Copilot is adopted by almost every big organization. The ones offering SaaS solutions are especially looking for ways they can enhance their solutions using Copilot to improve the business. A Copilot is a solution offering unconditional support to the person doing the job. For example, it can offer the pilot full assistance. It can help him/her with protocols and executing orders or any information quickly and in real-time. This makes the decisions easy for anyone.

Similarly, other businesses can also benefit from it by getting data visualization and data analytics and ensuring that their decisions are well-informed or futuristic. In this article, we will go in-depth about data visualization with Copilot. We will just offer a short Guide to Data Visualization with Copilot here. Rest assured, the inventions are still happening, and tomorrow might surprise you even more.

Let’s dive in!

The Current Landscape of Generative AI

As 2024 is here, the main areas of advancements revolve around AI, generative AI, and business intelligence of AI. It gives people more ways to create new business opportunities and technical innovations. Generative AI is constantly improving as it is working on the model of human intelligence. Its ability to read, produce, and answer questions has intrigued many people in business. It is beyond impressive, and therefore, everyone wants it right now.

Moreover, the improvement in machine learning algorithms and Large Language Models (LLMs) has also opened doors to new opportunities. It has become the basic need for many startups and tech giants. They are evolving using generative AI or Copilot abilities.

As the research by Gartner states, by 2025, generative AI will be protecting and producing 10% of all data. It includes industry giants like Google, Meta, and Microsoft as its main investors. We have already seen that Open AI’s ChatGPT has taken the world over. Many developers and a lot of other people are doing a great job by going beyond the limits of AI. Now, they are moving to data visualization, too. How? We are going to talk about it further.

What is Data Visualization?

Data visualization is the method or technique of turning different kinds of information into visuals like charts or data graphs. It helps people understand the raw data in a better way, and also it makes it easy to identify the patterns. In these large data sets, it is a treat for people looking for specific information.

Ways of Using Copilot for Data Visualization

There are different ways of using Copilot for data visualization. However, the most prominent ways are as follows:

  • Data Scientists and Analysts

    Copilots can allow data scientists and analysts to use them for visualization and get complex information in simple and more understandable ways. It ensures that they can easily identify the relationships in data and curate better for improved context. Additionally, it simplifies the job for businesses to add meaning to data in terms of auto-generated synonyms.

    You can see more user-friendly names and meaningful descriptions. With a better understanding, it is easier to identify the quality issues in data as well. They can further use it to fix the issues and ensure the accuracy of any kind of data.

  • Business Users

    Copilot enables business users such as product managers, sales representatives, financial officers, marketing executives, and customer success agents to ask questions in a conversational manner. This way, they get access to insights in real-time and can also get custom suggestions.

    Copilot enables corporate users to create dynamic dashboards and reports on their own. Copilot assists consumers in understanding insights more quickly and effectively by creating summaries of key results, audio-visual data storytelling, and bite-sized insights.

Data Visualization Techniques with Copilot

If you are deeply into it now, let’s talk about some of the techniques for Visualization success with Copilot:

  • Crystal-Clear Connections

    Map your data relationships with caution and ensure that everyone from your team, including Copilot, understands each piece and offers you seamless analysis.

  • Standardized Logic

    Use clear calculations and consistent naming conventions to communicate data. Make your measures simple to understand and apply without decryption rings.

  • Fact Tables Vs. Dimension Tables

    Separate quantitative information from descriptive details. This helps Copilot to compare apples to apples rather than oranges, resulting in more accurate and dependable findings.

  • Hierarchical Havens

    Create clear data structures, such as family trees, for your dimensions. Enable Copilot to seamlessly browse from broad categories to specific details, delving down to discover hidden treasures within your data.

  • Meaningful Labels

    Avoid cryptic codes and instead use self-explanatory column names. Copilot should not require a decoder ring to interpret your data. Clarity promotes correct analysis and efficient collaboration.

  • Consistent Types and Values

    Maintain consistency and respect for data. Use the appropriate data type for each column and keep your values consistent across your dataset. Imagine Copilot as a fastidious chef who needs the appropriate ingredients and precise measurements to provide meaningful reports.

How Copilot Enhances Data Visualization?

As for the benefits of Using Copilot for Microsoft 365 in Data Visualization, it can help you create visuals of your data. All you need is the right technique, and you can get the findings in the choice of visuals. For example, if you want to create the chart, you can ask the Copilot to generate the code. If not, it can at least help you through the process. A Copilot is mainly like an assistant that speaks only when you ask it to. Besides, it makes the entire analytical process easy for you, making communication more simple and easy.

Bottom Line

The time to improve data visualization skills with Copilot is here now. Your business will help you reap results for the next many coming years. If you need someone to help you implement it within your systems, let Apps4Rent be at your service. Our consultants can ensure a smooth copilot integration for you.

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