Microsoft 365 Copilot for OneDrive

Copilot for Microsoft 365 has been a game changer across various industries. It has enabled users to complete tasks faster and more efficiently. Microsoft is looking to take the implementation of this generative AI technology a step further by allowing users to use Copilot for OneDrive. This fantastic package which is to be released late next month will enable users to locate, compile, and extract data from a variety of files. These consist of Word text documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, HTML pages, PDF files, and more. With Copilot for OneDrive, users will be able to ask Copilot quick questions and share document summaries with team members when sharing files.

How to Use Microsoft 365 Copilot for OneDrive?

Copilot for OneDrive is easy to use with its user-friendly interface. It is also perfectly integrated into the OneDrive environment making it easy for users to navigate. Highlighted below are steps that can aid you in judiciously using Copilot for OneDrive.

  • Enable Copilot: The first step is ensuring your Microsoft 365 subscription covers this new feature. Presently, it will only be available for work and school customers with a Copilot for Microsoft 365 license. After confirming your subscription, you can advance to your OneDrive account settings to enable this new feature.
  • Initiate Search: Using the chatbox provided, you can ask Copilot to locate any specific image, document, or file. Copilot then analyzes your request using natural language processing and provides quick results within seconds. For example, if you want to get started on a particular project, you can prompt Copilot to fetch all the related files to that particular project.
  • Ask Questions and Get Quick Answers: You can easily extract quick data from your documents by simply giving Copilot some prompts. For instance, if you are looking to gain more insights for your documents you can prompt Copilot to compare some fetched files and tabulate the differences between them.
  • Explore Content Creation: You can take things up a notch by using Copilot to create outlines, tables, and all sorts of content based on your existing files. For example, you can ask Copilot to generate a table including names, current titles, years of experience, educational qualifications, and current location if you wish to study a subset of resumes.
  • Leverage File Summary Generation: Copilot can generate a quick summary of the contents of your documents. This provides actionable insights without the struggle of reading through each file. You may prompt Copilot to summarize a selected document, outline its main points, and tell you about the risks related to your project.
  • Add Quick Summaries When Sharing Files: Another way to effectively use Copilot for OneDrive is to include summaries created by Copilot when you exchange documents with your coworkers. Without requiring them to open the file, these summaries provide your recipients with instant context for a document and a brief rundown of its contents. Team members can prioritize tasks and lessen the cognitive load by sharing summaries, which also boosts document engagement.

Benefits of Microsoft 365 Copilot for OneDrive

The integration of Copilot for OneDrive is a milestone in file interaction. This will help improve your efficiency and productivity. Here are some benefits to look forward to:

  • Improved Search Accuracy: Copilot uses natural language processing to fetch search results. This helps provide more accurate search results in a lesser amount of time. Copilot makes locating documents easier and quicker as it can also organize the search results in any you manner specify.
  • Time-Saving Summarization: Copilot’s ability to summarize long and boring documents and provide quick actionable insights is time efficient and helps improve your overall productivity. These summaries are concise and can be delivered in tables or any format you indicate in the query.
  • Intuitive Collaboration: Copilot does just not have the ability to create content, it also can render suggestions. It can provide ideas on how to improve the contents of a particular document much like a research assistant. This broods a form of collaboration between Copilot and you. Also, its ability to include summaries when sharing documents helps facilitate collaboration among team members.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Being able to use Copilot for OneDrive helps streamline file management processes as it allows the automation of repetitive tasks. This makes it possible for you to spend time on more demanding activities hence improving your productivity and efficiency.
  • Improved User Experience: Copilot for OneDrive takes file interaction to the next level. With this new feature, you’re able to effortlessly understand bulk documents and seamlessly navigate the OneDrive environment to give you a better experience.

How Can Apps4Rent Help?

Microsoft Copilot for OneDrive is a new feature and not everyone may be able to easily navigate this new OneDrive ecosystem. That is where we come in. Apps4Rent is a Microsoft Solutions Partner. We can tutor you on how to maximize Copilot’s features and use it like a pro. Our services are very affordable and you can be among the first people to truly harness Copilot’s abilities placing your business or school at the frontier of the latest advancement in artificial intelligence.


Managing your files has become more convenient and effortless with Copilot for OneDrive. You can now easily locate files, and analyze and create various contents based on selected documents. Your productivity is sure to improve if you choose to leverage this new feature. Copilot will be accessible via the file viewer in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and OneDrive for web users. So be prepared to subscribe to this new feature through Copilot for Microsoft 365 next month and don’t forget to contact us at 1-866-716-2040 for guidance on how to effectively use Copilot for OneDrive.

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