Microsoft 365 Copilot for SEO Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a constantly evolving field that requires ongoing learning, testing, and adaptation to stay on top of the latest algorithm updates and industry best practices. Keeping up with all the changes can be a major time commitment for SEO professionals and content marketers. This is where an AI assistant like Microsoft 365 Copilot can help streamline and augment the SEO process.

Copilot uses a technique called Constitutional AI to ensure the model’s responses are beneficial to users. As an AI assistant, Copilot has no inherent biases or limitations when it comes to accessing information. It can search the web in real-time for the latest SEO data and best practices. This makes Copilot a valuable addition to any SEO professional’s toolkit.

Ways for Using Microsoft 365 Copilot for SEO Keyword Research

One of the most time-intensive aspects of SEO is researching keywords and topics to target. Copilot can help with this by providing up-to-date keyword data and suggestions.

Some ways to leverage Copilot for SEO keywords include:

  • Keyword Research: You can ask Copilot to research the search volume, difficulty, and trends for target keywords. It will return this data directly from Google Keyword Planner and other sources.
  • Competitive Analysis: Provide Copilot with a list of competitor websites or top-ranking pages in your niche. It can analyze the keywords and topics they are targeting to find new opportunities.
  • Topic Clustering: Enter a seed keyword and Copilot will return a list of related long-tail keywords and topics that could expand your content coverage.
  • Query Suggestions: If you get stuck on keywords, Copilot can brainstorm new ideas and queries based on your business, products/services, and target audience.
  • Seasonal Keywords: Ask Copilot to identify trending seasonal keywords you could optimize content for during certain times of the year for a boost.

Microsoft 365 Copilot for SEO Content

For content teams, Copilot streamlines the process of creating optimized material at scale. In addition to drafting entire articles, Copilot excels at generating specific content types like:

  • FAQs: Provide a list of common questions, and Copilot will answer each one in complete sentences or paragraphs using the target keywords naturally.
  • Product Descriptions: Give Copilot the specifications and benefits of a product, and it can write optimized descriptions highlighting the most important details.
  • Email Copy: Whether it’s newsletters, promotional emails, or other outreach, Copilot understands the tone and can craft optimized copy tailored to the medium and audience.
  • Social Media Posts: Provide a topic, and Copilot will suggest creative angles and draft social updates optimized for the platform (e.g. targeting hashtags for Twitter).
  • Blog Post Topics: Need fresh ideas? Copilot can brainstorm angles, topics, and headlines to keep blogs fresh and engaging for readers.

Microsoft 365 Copilot for Creating FAQs

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) pages are a staple of any website, but maintaining them can be tedious. Copilot streamlines the process. Provide a list of common questions in your niche along with the target keywords. Copilot will then write optimized answers to each question, working the keywords naturally. This content is ready to publish or can be edited as needed. The AI understands how to craft informative, conversational answers in a consistent voice and style.

Microsoft 365 Copilot for Outreach Emails

For outreach, Copilot can assist with drafting personalized, optimized emails at scale. Supply a list of targets, the message topic, and the desired call-to-action. Copilot will generate hundreds of unique emails personalized for each contact with their name, company details, and tailored messaging. The AI understands how to work keywords relevant to the recipient’s business organically into the copy. This allows SEOs and marketers to dramatically increase outreach volume while maintaining a personal touch.

Microsoft 365 Copilot for Technical SEO

On the technical side, Copilot helps audit websites and suggest optimizations. Provide a URL, and Copilot will inspect the code and structure to analyze on-page SEO factors like:

  • Keyword optimization opportunities in page titles, headers, body copy, and other elements
  • Duplicate page content issues
  • Broken links or 404 errors
  • Page speed performance optimizations
  • Mobile-friendliness and responsive design
  • Schema markup implementation suggestions

Armed with these insights, SEOs can prioritize technical tasks. Copilot also understands technical concepts like sitemaps, XML tags, redirects, and canonicalization to provide specific implementation recommendations.


Microsoft Copilot demonstrates huge potential for augmenting SEO, content, and technical teams. By leveraging the AI’s language skills and understanding of optimization best practices, SEOs can massively scale content production, research, and technical auditing. With some creativity, Copilot promises to streamline SEO workflows and allow teams to achieve more with the same resources. As the technology continues advancing, its SEO applications will grow increasingly powerful.

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