Benefits of Microsoft Copilot AI for Enhancing Online Teaching

With the new advancements launching this very decade, everyone is wondering how to leverage these tools to use for their benefit. For example, the Copilot launch is new, but it is something people want to use to save time and money. In the educational sector, this AI tool can be a great assistant. Educators may struggle a little more to integrate AI into their training and education departments.

AI can help you save time when developing rubrics, individualized student content, and instructional materials like quizzes and lesson plans. In this article, we will talk about the way you can use Microsoft Copilot AI for enhancing online teaching to enhance online teaching and how it helps to improve overall accessibility.

How Does Generative AI in Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 Work?

Generative AI is the new technology offering you ease when you need information. Using it you can create new and fresh content such as text, graphics, code, or audio.

It works by identifying patterns in existing data and comprehending the context and intent of words. This gives you new options for content curation, customization, and innovation. Because this technology generates fresh content, accuracy in generative AI is critical, particularly in the education industry.

In addition to making the feature available to everybody, Microsoft has enhanced it. It was previously only available through Teams for Education, but Microsoft is now offering it as a standalone service via the web or a desktop application.

It will also contain a new learning function that uses AI to generate “dynamically created stories” for users based on their skill level.

5 Ways to Use Copilot in Education

If you are ready to incorporate Copilot in Education, here are some of the examples to do it:

  • Personalized Learning: Copilot can help you produce material, targeted feedback, and coaching for students based on their unique requirements and learning styles, hence promoting personalized learning.
  • Brainstorming: You can use Copilot for Remote Learning Support. It can generate fresh ideas for activities, lesson plans, supporting materials, and assignments.
  • Lesson Planning: Copilot can assist you with lesson planning by recommending or creating activities, materials, and evaluations that are relevant to learning objectives. You may also utilize Copilot to create a rubric for your lessons.
  • Provide Feedback: Microsoft 365 Copilot can assist you in drafting initial remarks and ideas for your student’s work, which you can then revise and personalize for them.
  • Get Quick Answers: Copilot can help you quickly find answers to your inquiries without having to sift through several search results. It also provides connections to content sources, allowing you to evaluate the source or delve deeper into the original information.

How Can Microsoft Copilot Benefit Virtual Instructor-Led Trainings?

Virtual instructor-led training (VILT) also known to be online teaching has grown in popularity in recent years. More institutes and even companies are adopting this style of training and teaching. It has some amazing benefits such as cost savings, enhanced efficiency, and more accessibility for learners and students.

However, it also comes with various obstacles, including a lack of engagement, difficulty meeting individual learner requirements, and restricted opportunities for cooperation.

Microsoft 365 Copilot tackles these issues front on, offering educators an AI-powered virtual assistant that can learn and adapt to each learner’s unique needs and learning style. This AI algorithm analyzes data to better understand each learner’s skills, limitations, and preferences, allowing it to provide the most relevant and individualized guidance possible.

For example, Copilot can track student interaction with content and assist administrators in better adapting their online training to learner needs. This increases learning administrators’ efficiency while drastically streamlining the content generation process.

How to Write a Prompt for AI?

However, despite all the benefits, you must know that to guide the AI towards your goal, you need to provide proper instructions. To effectively guide generative AI, provide clear and simple instructions, known as prompts. A well-crafted prompt improves the generative AI’s output in terms of quality, relevance, and diversity. A good prompt should be clear, explicit, and relevant to the purpose of the generation assignment. A faulty prompt can produce confusing, irrelevant, or biased results. To get the best reaction from Copilot, consider the following suggestions:

  • Define Clear Objectives: Determine the primary purpose of the prompt and the role that AI should play. Whether you’re developing a syllabus, drafting an exam, or modifying lesson content, keep the end aim in mind.
  • Be Specific: Chat experiences work best when provided with precise directions. Specify the grade level, subject, topic, or any other pertinent information. For example, “secondary math quiz on algebraic expressions” is more descriptive than “math quiz.”
  • Structure the Prompt: Dividing complicated work into smaller segments. Instead of asking the AI to write a whole lecture, request an overview, and then focus on certain areas.
  • Iterate and Refine: The first reaction from AI may not always match expectations. Don’t be afraid to reword the suggestion, ask follow-up questions, or provide further context based on the original results.
  • Combine Expertise: Use AI as a tool to improve and expedite work, but remember to supplement its recommendations with your educational knowledge. AI can offer content, but the educator chooses how to modify and present it to their audience.

Bottom Line

As you work around the educational technology solutions, you will gradually become able to work on it as per your needs. If you need initial assistance to integrate it into your solutions, we at Apps4Rent are all set to help. Reach out to us, and let’s make education more accessible.

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