Microsoft Copilot vs Bigle Legal: A Comparative Analysis

Legal professionals, including lawyers, paralegals, and legal assistants, are constantly on the lookout for tools to improve their efficiency and productivity. Two of the most significant tools in this category are Microsoft Copilot and Bigle Legal.
This article aims to assist legal practitioners in making the right decision between these two tools.

Microsoft Copilot AI For Lawyers

Microsoft Copilot is an AI assistant that is based on the OpenAI GPT-4 model. It can be used to improve legal workflows and potentially enhance the effectiveness of legal practitioners. Some of the key features for lawyers include:

  • Code Generation for Building Legal Software

    Microsoft Copilot offers code completions for legal software applications that consider the specifics of legal programming and legislation. This feature is especially valuable for startups and developers of legal technology products and services.

    Example Scenario: For example, A company is in the process of developing a tool to facilitate the management of contracts. Microsoft Copilot can help generate code snippets for various modules like contract dashboards, statistics, deadlines, case information boards, and many more.

  • Efficient Document Management

    Microsoft Copilot AI helps in writing contextually appropriate legal terms It maintains legal language standards and accuracy in legal documents. It recommends legal provisions, style, and adherence to current legal requirements.

    Example Scenario: If an attorney is drafting a merger agreement for a client. Microsoft Copilot provides legally compliant clauses and formats that are derived from the current legal requirements, thus making the document correct and taking a lot of time to write.

  • Legal Precedents and Statutes Research

    Microsoft Copilot is a useful tool for viewing legal precedents, statutes, and case laws. It assists the users in accessing the legal information that is most suitable for their needs in the shortest time possible

    Example Scenario: For instance, when conducting a search on environmental law, Microsoft Copilot could offer briefs and case highlights from cases such as Massachusetts v. EPA

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Discover how Copilot revolutionizes legal practice.

Bigle Legal For Lawyers

Bigle Legal offers legal solutions designed to improve and automate legal workflows. Here are some of the Key Features using Bigle Legal:

  • Automated Document Generation

    Bigle Legal automates document creation, reducing errors and saving time. It uses templates and predefined workflows to generate documents consistently and accurately.

    Example Scenario: An HR manager must create employment contracts for new hires. By inputting employee details into a template, Bigle Legal generates complete, compliant contracts in minutes, reducing the time spent on manual document preparation by 70%. For example, the system automatically populates fields such as employee name, role, and salary, ensuring all legal requirements are met.

  • Smart Workflow Integration

    Bigle Legal facilitates virtual collaboration, negotiation, and electronic signatures. Its intelligent workflows route documents through various stages of review and approval.

    Example Scenario: A procurement team is working on a new vendor contract. Bigle Legal’s workflow system seamlessly routes the contract through legal review, executive approval, and vendor negotiation, cutting the contract cycle time by 50%. For instance, after legal review, the system automatically forwards the document to the executive team for approval and then to the vendor for negotiation, all tracked within the platform.

  • Contract Negotiation Platform with Version Control

    Bigle Legal allows efficient contract negotiation within the platform, tracking changes and comments from all parties involved.

    Example Scenario: During contract negotiations with a major client, a legal team uses Bigle Legal’s platform to track changes and comments. This ensures all parties have a clear record of revisions and agreed terms, facilitating a quicker consensus. For example, each modification the client makes is logged and highlighted, making it easy to review and accept changes.

  • Third-Party Integrations

    Bigle Legal integrates with software applications such as Google Drive, Dropbox, HubSpot, SAP, Microsoft Azure, Power BI, SharePoint, and Net Documents.

    Example Scenario: A company uses multiple systems for CRM and document management. Bigle Legal integrates with these systems, ensuring seamless data flow and reducing administrative overhead. For example, when a contract is approved, it can automatically be saved to the company’s document management system and linked to the relevant client record in the CRM.

  • Comprehensive CLM Software

    Bigle Legal’s CLM software automates the entire contract lifecycle, from creation to completion, minimizing legal risks and ensuring compliance. It provides tools for drafting, reviewing, approving, and managing contracts.

    Example Scenario: A legal department at a multinational company uses Bigle Legal’s CLM to manage hundreds of contracts. The software tracks deadlines, ensures compliance, and provides alerts for renewals, reducing the risk of missing critical milestones. For instance, the system could alert the team when a contract is approaching its renewal date, prompting timely review and negotiation.

  • Secure Digital Signing Capability

    Bigle Legal supports secure electronic signatures, enabling users to sign documents digitally and streamline the signing process.

    Example Scenario: A sales manager needs to close a deal remotely. They send the contract for e-signature via Bigle Legal. The client signs digitally, and the contract is finalized without the need for physical meetings or paper documents. For instance, the system can notify the manager once the document is signed and securely stored.

  • Using AI for Legal Data Analysis

    Bigle Legal’s AI enhances document analysis and insights, helping users identify risks, ensure compliance, and streamline workflows.

    Example Scenario: A legal team must review many contracts to identify common risk factors. Bigle Legal’s AI analyzes the contracts, highlighting potential risks and suggesting mitigation strategies. For example, the AI might flag clauses that could lead to disputes or identify missing elements typically required for compliance./

Microsoft Copilot Vs. Bigle Legal: Comparison Table

Aspect Microsoft Copilot Bigle Legal
Purpose and Functionality AI-powered tool for legal professionals. Summarizes documents, assists with compliance, and more. Contract management platform. Simplifies contract creation, negotiation, and compliance.
Scope of Application Wide range of legal tasks (e.g., advisory services, compliance). Primarily focused on contract-related activities (drafting, reviewing, tracking contracts).
Integration Integrated with Microsoft 365 suite. Leverages Microsoft Graph. A standalone platform specifically designed for contract management.
Code Generation for Legal Tech Generates tailored code snippets for legal software applications. Accelerates legal tech development. N/A (Not applicable for Bigle Legal).
Document Creation and Review Assists in drafting contextually relevant language. Suggests legal clauses and formatting. Automates document creation using templates and predefined workflows. Reduces errors and saves time

Final Thoughts

Each platform caters to distinct needs within the legal sector. Microsoft Copilot excels in supporting legal tech development and research, while Bigle Legal optimizes contract management and compliance. Exploring both tools can lead to substantial improvements in legal operations. It verifies that legal professionals have access to effective resources for their requirements.

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