Microsoft Teams and Salesforce Integration

The Microsoft Teams and Salesforce integration enables sales teams to share Salesforce customer data within Microsoft Teams. This integration provides the sales staff with tools to access and organize Salesforce data in Microsoft Teams, aiming at making it easier to collaborate. The Teams users can use Teams chat, channels, and tabs for collaboration and meetings. This article will analyze the working, benefits, and setup process of the Microsoft Teams and Salesforce integration.

How Does the Salesforce and Teams Integration Work?

The Salesforce app for Teams is released as a pilot and can be installed from the Microsoft Teams app store or Microsoft’s AppSource website. This app helps the joint users of Microsoft Teams and Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) to integrate both the programs. It is currently being offered to Salesforce’s Sales Cloud and Service Cloud customers. The Salesforce app for Teams allows the Teams users to access Salesforce data directly from Teams using their desktop and mobile devices.

What Are the Benefits of Teams and Salesforce Integration?

  • Integrating Teams with Salesforce brings Salesforce data directly into Teams on desktop as well as mobile devices.
  • The Teams users can mention Salesforce records in Teams chats and channels to discuss a case, contact, account, lead, or opportunity.
  • The Teams channel members with access to the Salesforce app can view additional records details without leaving Teams.
  • Users on a desktop can pin a Salesforce record as a tab in Teams channels and view details such as Details, Timeline, Activity, Related lists, and Chatter.
  • They can also edit Salesforce record details.

How to Set up an Integration Between Teams and Salesforce?

The process for integrating Microsoft Teams and Salesforce involves the following steps.

  1. Launch Salesforce Setup. Enter Teams in the Quick Find box and select Teams Integration.
  2. Turn on Let users access Teams Integration features.
  3. Read the agreement carefully and acknowledge accordingly.
  4. Select Assign Permission Set. Assign the User for Teams Integration permission set to the Teams users who need access to the Salesforce app in Teams.
  5. Select the type of Salesforce data to include for a user when they mention a Salesforce record anywhere in Microsoft Teams.
  6. Contact the Teams Administrator for provisioning the Teams Integration in Microsoft Teams application.
  7. To ensure that the Teams users can access the Salesforce app, request the Teams administrator to allow access to the Salesforce app by adding it to the Teams permission policies.
  8. Launch Salesforce and turn Teams Integration on. Then, the Teams users with User permission can access Salesforce data and mention records as a part of their Teams conversation.

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