Microsoft Teams Slack Integration

Slack is a messaging application that workplaces are increasingly adopting. The software is essentially a chatroom for companies that serve as a replacement to traditional email for communication and sharing information. With Slack, businesses can organize communication as channels for discussing in groups as well as use it to empower their employees to share files, information, and other media as private messages all in one place. It adopts a unified approach to manage workflows within a platform, thanks to its integration with other applications.

Microsoft Teams has a more robust calling feature than Slack. Therefore Slack has tied up with Microsoft to offer calling services on Slack through Microsoft Teams. As the COVID-19 crisis forced a mandatory lockdown, the rivals have come together. With Microsoft Teams Slack integration, things become interesting for this foe-turned-friends scenario.

What Does Microsoft Teams Offer?

Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular collaboration tools used by businesses around the globe. While it is available as a standalone application, its capabilities are significantly enhanced as a part of the Office 365 suite. It replaces Skype for Business in Office 365 is the Microsoft solution for a chat-based collaboration application for global, dispersed, and remote teams to work and collaborate in a common space.

Difference Between Slack vs Teams

At the outset, while Teams was designed to meet the requirements of enterprises, Slack was rolled out as a freemium application just as suitable to individuals as it is for companies. That was until 2018 when Microsoft Teams became a freemium application too. With that, the number of Microsoft Teams users has ballooned to over 44 million making it one of the most popular communication tools as compared to Slack with less than half that number. Part of the reason lies in the fact Teams inherits both features and a strong userbase from Skype. While Slack is easier and faster to set up, Teams has many more features built into the interface. Perhaps, the most important of these is the ability to collaborate on Office files without leaving the Teams interface. Another important differentiating factor is the number of integrations that the applications have with Slack holding the edge. One such integration is the call integration for Microsoft Teams.

Calling Feature in Slack Through Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allows as many as 250 people on a call with an Office 365 subscription which is significantly more than what Slack can currently support. Consequently, Slack has now launched an integration for its users to use the Microsoft Teams Calling feature into its native chat application. With this feature, Slack users will be able to make Microsoft Teams Calls as their default calling provider. Another advantage that the feature affords is that users can see the people who were on the call before they joined the meeting. This feature also makes it possible to set event reminders from Outlook Slack app to join Microsoft Teams calls directly.

Optimized Chat Application for Business

Chat applications are becoming interoperable and the Microsoft Teams Slack integration for calling only further validates that point when two the leading competitors come together to leverage each other’s strengths. The need for such integration also demonstrates why Microsoft Teams is such a strong player in the business communication tools space. Your business too can and should make Microsoft Teams the de facto communication tool for your organization.

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