Navigating Restaurant Menus with Copilot for Microsoft 365

Feeling overwhelmed by lengthy menus? Copilot can analyze options, suggesting dishes within your budget and nutritional needs. See how Copilot transformed one restaurant, turning confused into happy customers!

In the below Scenario, you will see how Copilot helped to choose the right meal in a restaurant within the budget.


You’re at a busy restaurant, craving something tasty but sticking to a budget. Instead of stressing over prices, pull out your phone, click a picture using Copilot, and ask it to find a yummy combo within your budget.

For instance:

Firstly, click a picture using Copilot.

click a menu picture using CopilotThen, give a prompt based on your requirement:

“Give me breakfast suggestions in $15 from the food menu”.

Output By Copilot

output by Copilot based on menu input

Copilot quickly scans your list, considers your budget, and suggests delicious combos. Now, you have a menu made just for you that’s tasty and affordable. With a smile, you order confidently, all thanks to Copilot’s smart budget-friendly assistance.


In the world of food choices, Copilot is your go-to friend. It makes picking tasty and budget-friendly meals easy and with Copilot for Microsoft 365, making decisions easy, quick, and always satisfying.

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