How to Use Operator Connect Conferencing with Teams for Audio Conferencing?

Several organizations have adopted the hybrid work model, and communication and collaboration platforms have become more important than ever before. Microsoft Teams meetings are an effective solution for employees to stay connected. Many users are joining Teams meetings through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), especially when they are on the go. It is not uncommon for such users to struggle with a spotty internet connection. With audio conferencing in Teams, users can join Teams meetings from anywhere, without having to rely on an internet connection. In this article, we will focus on Operator Connect Conferencing, a new operator-managed service that expands the audio conferencing benefits in Microsoft Teams.

What Are the Benefits of Operator Connect Conferencing with Teams?

Operator Connect Conferencing operator-managed service provides the following benefits.

  • Businesses can bring their own operator for audio conferencing in Teams even as they migrate their existing Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) infrastructure to the cloud.
  • It provides businesses with a wider range of PSTN options and allows expansion of the PSTN infrastructure with additional qualified operators.
  • Multi-national needs can be covered more effectively with expanded geographic dial-in support.
  • Reliable technical support and comprehensive service level agreements due to tight partnership with operators.

How to Configure Operator Connect for Teams?

Follow the steps below to configure Operator Connect for Teams.

  • Operators can be set up from the Teams admin center. Navigate to Voice>Teams and select the operator from the All Operators tab. Select the country in which the service has to be enabled and provide the contact information, before selecting Add as my operator.
  • Procure Audio Conferencing Standard subscription license or an Operator Connect Conferencing license for users that need to join meetings.
  • Acquire phone numbers from the operator selected previously. The phone numbers will be uploaded by the provider to the Microsoft 365 tenant. They will be visible in the Teams admin center by navigating to Voice > Phone numbers.
  • The numbers can be assigned to the Audio Conferencing bridge from the Teams admin center by navigating to Meetings > Conference Bridges > Add.
  • The default numbers can be changed from the Teams Admin Center from Users > Manage users and updating the phone numbers in the Audio Conferencing section.
  • An Audio Conferencing Routing policy can be set up to route outbound calls from Teams meetings through the operator.
  • Finally, the phone numbers from the Audio Conferencing bridge can be released from the Teams admin center if they are not required.

Apps4Rent Can Help with Operator Connect Conferencing Setup

Operator Connect Conferencing significantly improves the flexibility for audio conferencing in Teams allowing organizations to use phone numbers from third-party operators to join Microsoft Teams meetings. However, certain configurations for Operator Connect Conferencing, such as setting up Audio Conferencing Routing policy require PowerShell scripting.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner specializing in several competencies, Apps4Rent can help businesses and enterprises with appropriate Microsoft 365 and Teams licenses for advanced audio-conferencing capabilities and customize them to cater to their unique requirements. Contact our Microsoft Teams advisors, available via phone, chat, and email 24/7 for assistance.

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