Reading Scanned Legal Documents with Referral Cases Using Copilot

Microsoft’s Copilot, a cutting-edge tool developed by Microsoft. Designed for legal professionals, it accelerates the analysis of civil and criminal cases, particularly excelling in rapidly summarizing scanned legal documents for efficient case handling. Copilot expertly extracts crucial case details, navigating complexities in both civil and criminal legal proceedings. Explore the benefits and drawbacks of using Copilot, offering legal professionals a clear understanding of its capabilities across diverse legal contexts.

To scan legal documents in PDF form, they must be converted to Word documents. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the link: or any other PDF to Word converter website.
  2. Select the option “Choose Files.”convert pdf to word for copilot
  3. Further steps are illustrated with screenshots.convert pdf to word for copilot 2
  4. Upload the file and then click on the convert option, as shown below.convert legal doc pdf to word for copilot
  5. After the file is converted, you can download and save it in your desired location.

Civil Law Case: Emily Lawson vs. GreenTech Solutions, Inc.

Summarize both cases, including examples, and distinguish pros and cons. Civil and criminal case e-records are saved on OneDrive to help lawyers better understand using Copilot.

Input is given to Copilot:

give input of legal scanned doc to copilot

Output By Copilot for Both Cases

  • Criminal Law Case: The State vs. Alex Thompson


    This case involves allegations of corporate espionage, where the defendant, a former software engineer at TechnoCorp, is accused of stealing and leaking a confidential algorithm to a rival company. The prosecution relies on digital evidence, and the jury finds the defendant guilty.


    • Illustrates how Copilot can protect intellectual property rights and deter insider threats.
    • Examines legal issues surrounding corporate espionage, digital forensics, and cybersecurity practices.


    • May present challenges in proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.
    • Raises ethical concerns about privacy and rights of employees.
  • Civil Law Case: Emily Lawson vs. GreenTech Solutions, Inc.


    This case involves a contract dispute where the plaintiff, a software developer, claims breach of contract by the defendant, a technology company, for not paying the agreed-upon amount for developing a mobile app.


    • Highlights Copilot’s utility in understanding clear and enforceable contracts.
    • Explores legal concepts of breach of contract, damages, and resolution methods.


    • May be costly and time-consuming to resolve.
    • Depends on subjective factors and may damage relationships between parties.


Leveraging Copilot for Microsoft 365 for reading scanned legal documents with referral cases proves invaluable for legal professionals. Copilot efficiently extracts key case details, showcasing its utility in both criminal and civil scenarios. While acknowledging interpretational limitations, Copilot emerges as a valuable tool for expedited and insightful legal document analysis, aiding legal professionals in navigating the complexities of justice.

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