Microsoft 365 Copilot for Summarizing YouTube Videos from Transcripts

After 2020 YouTube has moved from an entertainment medium to a primary way of teaching, learning, earning, research, and documentation. It requires an immense amount of time and effort to create such videos and review and understand the content as well.

Time being a constraint and a precious resource for everyone, it created a need for video consumers to understand the intent and content of the videos they need faster so they can quickly identify if a video can be relevant in their search and if it is worth spending time watching.

We will now understand how this is done and what are the advantages that users can have with this feature of Copilot.

Research Faster on YouTube Video Content

For a researcher to research any topic, videos have become an inevitable source of input. For them to take inputs from informational videos that are meaningful for their project is as important as other sources of input like books, Wikipedia, and other offline documents.

But as these video resources for sure will take longer to watch and build on information, Copilot can give an edge for such lookup of information by summarizing the same in text format. This will reduce the time taken to watch it fully, and quickly knowing if the same will even help them and if it is worth spending time on it.

This is such a futuristic solution for research people to speed up the process of getting to their conclusions. Helping them be more relevant to their content and spend quality time on videos that matter to them.

Microsoft 365 Copilot Transforms YouTube Education

Many times, we have had the feeling that someone can document great videos on educational content for students. This is to make sure we have a faster way to read and understand the content when being taught to students than asking them to watch the entire video.

Leveraging Copilot for efficient summarization of YouTube transcripts can be a great idea in developing educational content for students. This can also help in the inclusivity culture where a text summary of a video can be an easier way to understand the content for differently abled students.

Students can overcome their lingual limitations as well with Copilot’s language capabilities extending to various languages, enabling users to summarize YouTube videos in different languages, thus broadening accessibility and reaching a larger mass, which also leverages the video content getting popular.

Copilot’s YouTube Video Summarization for Efficient Coding

For developers who look up videos for feature references and content of codes, Summarizing YouTube video transcripts with Microsoft Copilot can be of immense help. As the Copilot platform was primarily built to enable developers to be faster and more efficient, this feature could boost the process of the overall software development lifecycle.

Every video that is being looked up may contain helpful content that developers and content creators can make use of in their daily operations. Without this feature, it would be a great deal of long hours for them to watch every video end to end and then work on gathering such content.

Modern-day developers and content creators could benefit immensely from this feature of summarizing video transcripts. However, there is a slight limitation that not all the videos may have a summary unless it has a transcript already in it or it has to be pre-processed by Copilot.

Continuous Improvement

With the machine learning capabilities built in, Copilot’s AI model is capable of continuously learning from user interactions and feedback, improving its summarization capabilities over time and adapting to evolving user needs and preferences.

Based on the clarity of the prompt given by the user within the platform, users can leverage Copilot for efficient summarization of YouTube transcripts. Going forward, this could be the only way to assess the quality and the content of any video for the user requirements as needed.

This could save hours of watching and screen time for users thereby enabling them to spend quality time at work focusing on developmental activities rather than on such support actions that could help conserve resources, ultimately giving an edge on the overall productivity KPIs.


YouTube Videos have rich resources of information that there is little chance for anyone to overlook. From content creators to developers, from students to researchers, technically everyone wants to leverage the information they need from videos. But everyone seldom has time to watch longer videos fully till the end.

Using Copilot for Microsoft 365 to summarize YouTube video transcripts could be the best of all solutions to such a situation, where you save time and get the right direction if you are heading for the information you need. At the same time, such information is accessible in the way you need with language flexibility. Collaborating with teams on such a summary is also made easy with the Copilot platform. Thus, creating a never-before ease with which understanding every YouTube video could be just a simple prompt away.

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