Summarizing Session Notes with Copilot for Therapists

Therapy involves collaboration between a therapist and a person seeking guidance. It offers a secure and supportive environment where individuals can discuss their thoughts, feelings, and actions, address personal obstacles, and build resilience, communication abilities, and general well-being.

Therapy methods are always changing based on new findings in psychology, how the brain works, and how society is changing. Therapists are always improving their methods by using ways that have been proven to work and meet new needs.

Therapy is a team effort where individuals delve into their challenges, find ways to manage them, and grow. As society changes and new knowledge emerges, therapy adapts as well. Therapists might face challenges such as high demand and limited resources. Microsoft 365’s Copilot tool can help them overcome these challenges by making documentation easier, improving communication, and providing access to the latest research. This helps therapists deliver high-quality mental health services.

Microsoft 365 Copilot: A Supportive Tool for Therapists

To help you understand, we have attached a sample of Client Details. As you are aware, Microsoft 365 Copilot is an integrated solution, thus we saved the Client Details.doc in OneDrive and will ask for the prompt in Word.

therapy notes sessions

  • Uploading the Word Document to OneDrive.

    uploading the Word Document to OneDrive

  • Launch a new Word Document and refer to the file (Client Data.doc) by using the forward slash (/) and select the right file of your Choice:

    Launch a new Word Document and refer to the file

Prompt Given to Copilot

Client Details.docx Draft a follow-up email to Sarah Jones after our meeting, summarizing the key points discussed and outlining the next steps.

Prompt Given to Copilot

Output Given By Copilot for Prompt

Output Given by Copilot for Prompt

Note: Whatever output you get from Copilot you need to go through it and make the changes according to your requirements.

Prompt II Given to Copilot

Client Details.docx Summarize therapy notes for Sarah Jones: focus on anxiety management techniques, work-related stress, relationship dynamics, and self-care. Include suggested interventions, homework assignments, and details for the next session on March 10, 2024.

Prompt II Given to Copilot

Output Given By Copilot for Prompt II

Output Given By Copilot for Prompt II

Note for all the Therapist using Copilot:

  • Ethical considerations and client privacy are paramount when utilizing any technology in therapy.
  • Copilot is meant to augment, not replace, the professional expertise of therapists.


In summary, Copilot for Microsoft 365 provides therapists with practical tools to improve client interactions through efficient record-keeping and enhanced communication. While technology can optimize workflows and assist with therapy note summarization, therapists must prioritize ethical concerns and protect client privacy. Copilot serves as a supportive resource, enhancing therapists’ capabilities without replacing their professional judgment. By combining technological support and ethical awareness, therapists can navigate the complexities of modern therapeutic practices responsibly and effectively.

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