Using Copilot in Outlook for Writing Emails with Prompts

In today’s fast-paced digital world, effective communication is paramount, and email remains a cornerstone of professional correspondence. Copilot, the innovative tool integrated into Microsoft 365, transforms the landscape of email writing in Outlook. This article explores the best practices and strategies to harness Copilot’s capabilities for crafting compelling and efficient emails with the assistance of prompts based on the scenarios.

Copilot in Outlook for Effortless Communication Enhancement

  • Streamlining Communication

    Copilot in Outlook streamlines communication. Ensure your Microsoft 365 includes Copilot access and update Outlook for seamless integration. Copilot is most effective when your email content is in OneDrive or SharePoint, laying the foundation for an efficient writing experience.

  • Navigating the Copilot Panel

    Access the Copilot panel when opening an email draft in Outlook. Locate the Copilot tool in the toolbar for easy activation. This panel acts as a virtual assistant, enhancing your writing process with powerful capabilities.

  • Crafting Clear Prompts

    Unleash Copilot’s prowess by articulating clear prompts in the Copilot panel. Instruct Copilot to summarize key points, rephrase sentences, or provide additional details. Precise prompts ensure Copilot comprehends your intentions, leading to accurate suggestions.

  • Leveraging Prompt Varieties

    Experiment with different prompt styles to showcase Copilot’s versatility. Tailor prompts for formal business emails, persuasive pitches, or casual follow-ups. This allows Copilot to provide contextually relevant suggestions.

How Copilot Can Assist You in Creating an Email by Using Prompt Based on the Scenario

Scenario 1: As a team leader, draft a succinct email congratulating your team on a successful fiscal year, recognizing their contributions, and instilling enthusiasm for future achievements.

Prompt: Write an email congratulating my team on the end of the fiscal year

Discover How Copilot Can Aid You Within Outlook


  • Confirm Copilot Compatibility: Verify your Copilot for Microsoft 365 subscription includes access to Copilot within Outlook.
  • Update Outlook: Ensure your Outlook application is current for optimal Copilot integration.
  • Activate Copilot in Outlook: Enable Copilot integration in Outlook settings, consulting your IT department if needed.

Record Email Draft

  • Capture Your Drafting Session: Utilize Copilot’s built-in recording feature in Outlook while composing your email to capture both voice and transcript.

Access Copilot in Outlook

  • Open Email Draft: Access the Copilot window within your email draft after composition.
  • Locate Copilot: Find the Copilot icon in the toolbar or search for “Copilot” in the app bar.

Define Your Prompt

  • Articulate Your Request Clearly: In the Copilot window, express a clear prompt for your desired email output. Example: “Generate an email expressing congratulations for the successful fiscal year.”
  • Specify Format Preferences: Guide Copilot by indicating your preferred format. Example: “Include a warm introduction, highlight notable achievements, and conclude with an optimistic outlook.”

Analysis and Refinement

  • Let Copilot Generate: Click “Generate” and await Copilot’s analysis for the email draft.
  • Edit and Review: Thoughtfully review the generated content, incorporating personal insights and edits for accuracy.

Share and Act

  • Distribute Email to Team: Share the final email seamlessly through Outlook with your team or chosen channels.
  • Delegate and Monitor Tasks: Ensure accountability by utilizing Outlook features for task assignment and deadlines to monitor progress.

Let’s Demonstrate this with an example!

Prompt given: Write an email congratulating my team on the end of the fiscal year.


Tone-Formal, Length-Medium


Tone-Neutral, Length-Short


Tone-Casual, Length-Long

Scenario 2: You want to send an email to an employee to congratulate her on her stellar 2nd quarter results and ask her to update the 3rd quarter sales numbers for a comprehensive performance analysis

Prompt: Write an email to Rachel asking her if she can update the 3rd quarter sales numbers and congratulating her on the great 2nd quarter results.

By following these steps, you can set up Copilot in Outlook and use its capabilities to compose thoughtful and personalized replies to emails.

Let’s use an example to illustrate this!

Prompt given: Write an email to Rachel asking her if she can update the 3rd quarter sales numbers and congratulating her on the great 2nd quarter results.


Tone-Formal, Length-Medium

A close-up of a letter

Description automatically generated


Tone-Neutral, Length-Short

A close-up of a text

Description automatically generated


Tone-Casual, Length-Long

A close-up of a white background

Description automatically generated

In conclusion, Copilot for Microsoft 365 Outlook proves to be an indispensable ally for crafting efficient and compelling emails. By seamlessly integrating into the writing process, Copilot streamlines communication, enhances prompts-based drafting, and offers versatile solutions for various scenarios. Elevate your email writing experience with Copilot, your AI-powered virtual assistant in Outlook.

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