How to Use Copilot as an Assistant on Android?

The prerequisites for using the Microsoft Copilot App for Android are:

  • Ensure You Have an Android Device with a Compatible OS
  • Microsoft Account for Easy Sign-In
  • An Internet Connection to Download and Access the App’s Capabilities

We aim to achieve:

  • Assistance during coding in the real world
  • Solve sums using mathematical formulas

Programming Language on the Android Platform

Instruct Copilot to build C# code to print the Fibonacci series and prompt it. Look at the attached image below.
Programming language on the Android platform with CopilotProgramming language on the Android platform with Copilot 1

The output of the above programming code for the Fibonacci series is:

The output of the above programming code for the Fibonacci series in Copilot

Copilot, leveraging its advanced capabilities, actively engages in an in-depth analysis and research process, meticulously crafting precise lines of code that are not only accurate but also tailored to meet specific requirements. This comprehensive approach ensures the delivery of a solution that not only resolves the task at hand but also generates the expected output, showcasing Copilot’s proficiency in code generation and problem-solving.

Solve a Sum

Instruct Copilot by taking an image of the formula written on the page and prompt it to solve it. Refer to the attached image below for Copilot on Android:

solve a sum in copilot

This action will make Copilot analyze the image and provide the response to the equation we provided. Refer to the attached screenshot.

response of the equation from microsoft copilot


Experience seamless efficiency with the Microsoft Copilot App for Android. This innovative tool simplifies tasks by extracting data from live images and solving mathematical problems in a snap. All you need is an Android device, a Microsoft account, and an internet connection to unlock its versatility, time-saving capabilities, and widespread accessibility. From professionals to students, this app serves as a valuable assistant for a multitude of situations with its impressive dual functionality.

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