Email Archiving Solutions – What to Choose?

Email Archiving Solutions – What to Choose?

Emails are one of the most efficient channels of communication in the corporate sector. Part of the reason lies in the ability to efficiently document communications and serve as a repository from which information can be accessed instantly. It wouldn’t be far from truth to state that a significant share of a company’s wealth lies in the mailboxes of its employees. No wonder, modern organizations go to great lengths to secure information in mailboxes. One of these measures is to put in place methods to prevent and restore messages from being trashed.

What is Email Archiving, Actually?

Email archiving entails storing of emails for long periods for securing data primarily for documentation. This means email contents are stored as they were sent or received without any changes to the data. By doing so, even “deleted” emails can be restored if need be to retrieve content that might be relevant in some special scenario which makes archiving an important component of an IT security strategy.

Email Archiving – What is the Need for It?

There are several reasons why organizations might have to retrieve legacy information. Unfortunately, active mailboxes can only store as much data as logistics permit. Stated below are some scenarios where archiving might be necessary.

Regulatory Compliance

All organizations must comply with regulatory bodies (like HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, GLBA, FISMA) governing the areas in which they operate. Data protection is an integral component of compliance requirements. In some cases, it might be difficult to determine what business records are pertinent from a regulatory perspective and mails which may have been inadvertently deleted can still be restored had they been archived.


It might not be practical to store all emails on live servers. As the volume of mails increases in individual mailboxes, servers will be overloaded. Not only will this affect the server’s performance, but it will complicate tasks for employees as well. Users will find it difficult to search for specific emails and topics in their mailboxes because of the induced slowness.

Performance Optimization

With automatic archiving, employees will no longer have to delete any of their emails for storage limitations. It will also save the trouble of converting emails into files that can be stored locally which makes such data vulnerable to security breaches. Instead, archived mails will be saved in secure servers which allow easy and efficient access to old emails.

What are the Options You Can Choose for Email Archiving?

Office 365 archive is one of the best solutions for organizations to preserve records without overloading servers. Office 365 email archiving is one of the best solutions available in the market for archiving old emails. An Office 365 archive mailbox provides users with additional storage space. The online archive of an Office 365 mailbox gets the unlimited archiving feature. It allows users to expand the archive mailbox up to 1 TB without requesting additional mailbox storage space.

Office 365 mailboxes support advanced compliance features like eDiscovery, messaging records management (MRM), PST files import and retention provisions like Litigation Hold.

In-Place Archive for Office 365

Office 365 allows users to archive emails both natively as well as on other platforms. Archiving in Office 365 is called In-Place Archiving and provides additional mailbox space for Office 365 subscribers. Users can archive entire folders from their Outlook account. They can specify the date from which emails can be archived. Additionally, some emails which have “Do not Auto Archive” enabled can also be manually archived using Outlook.

Make Your Emails Eternal with Office 365 Archiving

As companies explore better options to preserve and secure legacy data, they are increasingly discovering the benefits of storing data on hosted servers, vis-a-vis on-premise solutions. It is scalable, simple to manage and most importantly significantly more secure than on-premise solutions. Office 365 Email Archiving is an important feature that Microsoft provides with its comprehensive suite for simplifying businesses.

If you are migrating to Office 365 and concerned about email security, email archiving is the first element you need to consider. For extensive information on how that works, contact our Office 365 experts now!

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