5 Reasons Why You Should Consider G Suite to Office 365 Migration

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider G Suite to Office 365 Migration

Comparing G Suite to Office 365 would not be a simple ‘apples-to-apples’ comparison. There are many parameters to consider before settling down for a perfect email solution. What are the factors to consider for Office 365 migration? Is it worth moving your Gmail to Office 365 mailboxes?

If you are using Exchange, then Office 365 is the perfect choice. For personal use, more people use Gmail than any other email system. When it comes to business emails, the majority still opts for Office 365 over Google. Though Google is aggressively pushing its email solution business by packaging it as “Gmail for Businesses”, the conventional business wisdom still prefers good old Outlook for the legacy it holds.

Here we look for 5 reasons of Google to Office 365 migration:

  1. Familiarity and convenience

    With Office 365, you are part of Microsoft’s old email legacy. The popular productivity tools like Word and Excel have been around for 30 years, and people have got used to the convenience it offers. The familiarity with MS Office is a major reason why businesses stick to Office 365. Though G Suite offers alternative with Google Docs and Sheets, the good old apps like Word and Excel keep getting better, giving users no incentive to opt for alternative systems if the existing ones work just fine.
  2. More practical from a business point of view

    85% of Fortune 500 companies use Outlook as its fundamental email system. Practically, Office 365 is a favored option because it caters to business requirements better in terms of security, reliability, and scalability. It offers a better package with included Office licenses and a seamless local AD syncing. As Office 365 packs everything together and is widely popular, it makes easy to create, share, and view files created by other businesses or customers. Packed a rich feature set, Office 365 is primarily designed for the professional audience. It is better equipped to handle organizational growth due to its efficient and seamless scaling capabilities.
  3. Better ecosystem

    Office 365 comes with vast range of products and applications including Office, SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive for Bunisess, Yammer, Stream, Planner, Calendar, Dynamics 365 and more. They are beautifully integrated with each, providing much better ecosystem and collaboration. With excellent cloud capabilities, your mobile and desktop apps are always synced very well and within your reach whenever required.
  4. Superior offline support

    Office 365 offers live phone and email support to business customers through its CSPs. Moreover, Microsoft has in-depth training materials – how-to-videos, self-help guides, and an extensive knowledge base. Microsoft diligently takes care of its business customers, and Office 365 does the same.
  5. Compliance parameters

    Office 365 has the best tools for compliance than any other suite out there. Microsoft pays a lot of attention on security and compliance and stays updated on ever-evolving compliance standards of the industry. Office 365 has compliance certifications – ISO 27001, 27018, SSAE16, SOC1 Type II & SOC2 Type II, FISMA, HIPAA, GDPR, and EU Data Protection Directive.

In the end, the need of Office 365 migration depends on your business requirements, number of users, and complexities of migration. If you are using G Suite and want to migrate to Office 365, contact our migration experts to help you find the best possible solution.

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