How to Perform Google Vault to Office 365 Migration?

Google Vault is a web-based service that is an integral component of Google’s G Suite. It is used to archive information from Gmail, recorded chats in Hangouts/ Google Talk/ Google Chat/ Google Meet, retain Google Groups, and even older files in Google Drive. This information can be used for legal holds, comply with retention policies, facilitate audits, searches, and data exports.

When users with Google Vault licenses for G Suite Basic and G Suite for Nonprofits or with G Suite Business, G Suite Enterprise, G Suite Enterprise Essentials, G Suite for Education, or G Suite Enterprise for Education subscriptions migrate to Office 365/ Microsoft 365 plans, they need to migrate their archived data to Office 365. Let us explore how to perform Google Vault to Office 365 Migration for such users.

What Are the Methods to Migrate Google Vault to Office 365?

Unlike a Gmail to Office 365 migration, there is no native method provided by Microsoft to import archived content to Office 365. This migration has to be done either manually or using a tool. Before migrating data from Google Vault into Office 365 mailboxes, the Recoverable Items Folder in the user mailbox should be available. This can be done by placing the user on Litigation Hold so that the chain of custody is retained.

How to Perform a Manual Google Vault to Office 365 Migration?

The manual Google Vault to Office 365 migration technique involves exporting the data into PST files that can be imported into Office 365.

  • Log in to G Suite with an admin account go to Vault that will be available if your subscription has a license.
  • Select the Create button on the left pane.
  • The Create New Matted screen will open up wherein you will have to enter the Matter name and its Description.
  • Click on the Create Hold button to archive data.
    Choose the Google application, the accounts/organizational units, along with entries for conditions and other data to create archives if they don’t exist already.
  • Use the search option to discover the data that has to be exported.
    If you need to export emails, for example, select Mail, the accounts, and the date range.
  • On the Export Results screen, choose an appropriate format (PST for emails) and click on Start Export.
  • The data will be available for download once the process gets completed.
  • This data can be imported into Office 365 using network upload or by shipping a drive with all the data to Microsoft for them to upload into your Office 365 account.

As archive data increases, the manual process of migrating from Google Vault becomes less efficient as the size of the PST files grows. This can be overcome using migration tools.

How to Transfer Google Vault Data into Office 365 With Tool?

Most third-party tools are capable of migrating emails from Gmail to Office 365. However, their capabilities may vary in terms of the ability to move folders, calendar items, tasks, notes, and other items.

While some of these tools can only work with MBOX, it is preferable to work with tools that can handle PST files as well.

Depending upon the level of control, these third-party tools may be simple applications that require G Suite and Office 365 admin credentials, a list of accounts, folders, and a date range to initiate the migration.

Other tools might provide the flexibility of configuring the target (Recoverable Items Folder, Primary mailbox, or Archive mailbox). This could involve an API based approach where endpoints will have to be configured.

The choice of tool would depend on how you need the data in your new Office 365 account.

Apps4Rent Can Help with Perform Google Vault to Office 365 Migration

Google Vault to Office 365 migration is different from regular mailbox content migration in the sense that archived content that is often critical to meeting regulatory compliance will have to be moved in bulk. Loss of data could result in unnecessary complications. As a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP, Apps4Rent can assist with archived data migrations to Office 365 at promotional prices with 24/7 phone, chat, and email support. Contact our Office 365 experts for more details.

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