Microsoft 365 Copilot for Generating Interview Questions

For any hiring manager, coming up with insightful and engaging interview questions can be a challenging and time-consuming process. You want your questions to provide a good sense of the candidate’s qualifications, personality, and fit for the role. At the same time, developing entirely new questions for every open position takes valuable time away from other important recruiting tasks. This is where an AI tool like Microsoft Copilot can help streamline the process of generating high-quality interview questions.

One way Copilot can help is by automating the initial creation of interview questions based on the job requirements and description. This allows recruiters to spend less time drafting questions from scratch and more time customizing pre-generated questions or focusing on other strategic recruiting initiatives.

How to Generate Interview Questions Using Copilot?

To generate interview questions, Copilot needs some basic information about the open role. This includes the job title, core responsibilities, required qualifications and skills, company culture factors, and anything else relevant to finding the right fit. Microsoft Copilot analyzes this job description data using its advanced language model capabilities. It has been trained on vast amounts of text, allowing it to understand language nuances and identify patterns.

Based on its training, Copilot understands that certain types of questions work better than others for different roles and industries. For example, technical roles may warrant more competency-based and scenario-based questions, while customer service positions are better suited to questions about dealing with difficult situations. Copilot also considers the company’s values and priorities to surface questions aligned with cultural fit.

With this context in mind, Microsoft Copilot generates a set of 10-15 preliminary interview questions. The questions are aimed at assessing candidates based on the core job requirements while also getting a sense of their soft skills and personality. Copilot aims to create questions that are clear, unbiased, and legal and avoid personal details. The questions focus on professional qualifications and experiences rather than personal attributes.

Customizing Copilot’s Role in Generating Interview Questions

No AI, including Microsoft Copilot, can replace human judgment, so the questions it generates are just a starting point. The recruiter would then review the generated questions and customize them as needed. Copilot’s goal is to save time by automating the initial drafting so recruiters can focus on fine-tuning. Some ways recruiters may customize include:

  • Revising question-wording for clarity or to probe deeper into important requirements.
  • Adding or removing questions based on additional hiring priorities not covered.
  • Ensuring cultural or regulatory compliance based on company policies and location.
  • Adjusting question difficulty or focus based on the experience level of the role.
  • Incorporating situational or behavioral questions beyond just competency-based.
  • Getting input from the hiring manager on must-ask questions from their perspective.

The customized questions can then be further improved through practice mock interviews. Over time, recruiters build a bank of optimized questions tailored to their specific roles that Copilot can also learn from.

Using Copilot’s Questions in Interviews

With a finalized set of customized interview questions in hand, recruiters are ready to use them. During the actual interviews, Microsoft Copilot plays no active role – it is up to the human recruiter to ask questions, listen to responses, take notes, and evaluate candidates.

Some best practices when using Copilot-generated questions include:

  • Ask follow-up questions to get more context or have candidates expand on their answers.
  • Maintain neutrality and avoid making assumptions in your responses and body language.
  • Make sure to also have a conversation and get to know personalities, not just ask questions.
  • Consider behavioral or situational questions in addition to competency and experience ones.
  • Take thorough notes to remember details and assess cultural fit beyond just skills.
  • Debrief with your hiring manager to get their perspective and make consensus decisions.

By leveraging Copilot for Microsoft 365 to automate the initial drafting of interview questions, recruiters can streamline their process and focus on the most important human elements – having insightful conversations, evaluating soft skills, and ultimately selecting the best candidates to join their teams. With practice and customization over time, Copilot helps improve questioning techniques to identify high-performing hires efficiently.

Limitations and Considerations

While Copilot streamlines interview question creation, there are some limitations and factors to keep in mind:

  • Initial Setup: It requires some time for recruiters to brief Copilot on the role and ensure the first set of questions are tailored appropriately for the role.
  • No Domain Expertise: For very specialized roles requiring deep technical expertise, recruiters may need to refine questions generated by Copilot.
  • Bias in Training Data: Like all AI systems, Copilot could potentially reflect biases present in the data it was trained on, requiring ongoing monitoring.
  • Interpretability: The complex neural networks make it difficult to fully explain how a particular question was generated.
  • Dynamic Roles: Questions may need occasional updates as job responsibilities change over time.
  • Judgment Still Needed: While it provides options, recruiters must use their experience to select the most suitable questions for each role and candidate level.
  • Supplement, Not Replace Humans: Copilot automates a sub-task but recruiters are still needed to conduct interviews, evaluate responses, and make hiring decisions.


While Microsoft Copilot itself does not conduct interviews or make hiring decisions, it aims to be a helpful tool for recruiters and hiring managers. By generating preliminary interview questions based on job requirements, Copilot reduces the time spent on administrative drafting tasks. This allows human recruiters to optimize the questions, focus on conversations with candidates, and ultimately make the best hiring choices for their companies.

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