Microsoft 365 Copilot for ServiceNow: Elevating Your Service Desk with AI

Is the performance of your ServiceNow agents being dragged down by information overload and manual tasks? Let them excel because they possess an AI-powered edge. Imagine a situation where your team has a personal knowledge concierge that instantly surfaces relevant information, guides you through intricate resolutions, and automates tedious tasks. No need to imagine again; this is real with Microsoft Copilot for ServiceNow.

What Is Microsoft Copilot for ServiceNow?

Microsoft Copilot for ServiceNow is an artificial intelligence-powered product that aims to increase the operational efficiency and performance of your ServiceNow service desk. It does this by leveraging advanced AI algorithms to streamline workflows and automate routine tasks. For instance, it can automatically categorize and prioritize tickets based on their content, freeing up your agents to focus on more complex issues.

As a result, faster issue resolution is experienced, ticket volumes decrease, and customers become happier. This is because Microsoft Copilot for ServiceNow provides faster responses and more accurate information, thanks to its ability to learn from past interactions and continuously improve its performance. It also features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for both agents and customers to use.

Moreover, Microsoft Copilot for ServiceNow doesn’t just reduce ticket volumes; it also improves the quality of customer interactions. Providing instant, accurate responses ensures that customers feel heard and valued, leading to higher customer satisfaction scores.

So why wait? Experience the benefits of Microsoft Copilot for ServiceNow today and take your service desk performance to the next level.

Benefits of Microsoft Copilot for ServiceNow

Microsoft Copilot for ServiceNow seamlessly integrates with your current platform to give several advantages to your agents:

  • Knowledge Guru

    Copilot analyzes incoming issues and taps into its knowledge about your internal database, external resources, and Microsoft 365 applications. It suggests relevant articles, solutions, or step-by-step instructions in real time, saving time and making complex tasks manageable for all agents.

  • Repetitive Task Automation

    Copilot automates routine tasks like data entry and ticket routing, allowing agents to focus on more critical interactions. This includes prioritizing tickets, escalating issues, and suggesting next steps based on past resolutions.

  • Self-Service Champion

    Copilot empowers users to resolve issues independently. With intelligent search suggestions and resolution guidance, it reduces support ticket volume and enhances customer satisfaction through quicker resolution times and increased autonomy.

  • Improved Agent Productivity

    Copilot significantly enhances agent productivity by streamlining workflows, providing instant access to relevant information, and automating tasks. This leads to quicker issue resolution, higher ticket volumes being handled, and more time for strategic initiatives.

  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

    Faster issue resolution, reduced waiting times, and empowered users all contribute to a superior customer experience. Copilot assists your team in providing timely and accurate information, exceeding customer expectations, and building stronger relationships.

How to Connect Microsoft 365 Copilot with ServiceNow?

Before you begin:

  • Know which version of the Copilot product you’re using—either Copilot for Service or Copilot for Microsoft 365 (previously Bing Chat).
  • Decide the best integration method (direct integration, hand-off, or content source) for your requirements.
  • Check that you have the required permissions and access to both platforms.

Connecting Copilot for Service with ServiceNow

  • Direct Integration
    • Sign in to the Microsoft Copilot for Service admin console.
    • Click on “Create Copilot” and select “Create a new Copilot for Service Copilot.”
    • Go to the “Content Sources” tab and click “+ Add a third-party service” under “Customer Engagement Services.”
    • Choose “ServiceNow” and follow the on-screen instructions to connect with your ServiceNow instance using your username and password.
    • Configure your ServiceNow content sources (e.g., knowledge base articles, tickets) within your Copilot.
    • Create a ServiceNow Virtual Assistant that connects to your Copilot Studio.
    • Integrate the Virtual Assistant with ServiceNow Live Agent Desktop.
  • Hand-off to ServiceNow
    • Set up a Microsoft Azure Function environment.
    • Create a JavaScript function for the hand-off.
    • Configure your ServiceNow bot and integrate it with the Azure Function.
    • Within Copilot Studio, define conditions or triggers for handing off to the ServiceNow bot.

Connecting Copilot for Microsoft 365 with ServiceNow

  • Content Source Integration
    • Sign into your Microsoft Copilot for the Microsoft 365 admin console.
    • Go to the “Data Sources” section and click “Add data source.”
    • Select “ServiceNow” as the data source and follow the on-screen instructions to connect with your ServiceNow instance using your username and password.
    • Choose the specific ServiceNow information you want to include as content sources (e.g., knowledge base articles, specific fields from tickets).
    • Configure how Copilot should access and use the information from ServiceNow to enhance its responses to users.

Remember, you must select an integration method that suits your needs best since these guidelines only provide a general overview of service configurations needed based on the nature of your infrastructure.

Elevate your service desk with Microsoft Copilot for ServiceNow. Don’t let information overload and manual tasks hinder the performance of your ServiceNow agents. Achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction by embracing Microsoft Copilot for ServiceNow.

Apps4Rent, an Authorized Solutions Partner, is your ultimate partner for Copilot for ServiceNow. We have experts who will help you choose the right package, plug in easily, offer comprehensive training and support, and provide continuous optimization. Call us today to unleash all the possibilities that lie within Microsoft Copilot for ServiceNow. Let’s change your official support channel into a peak of client delight.

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