Make Proposals in OneNote with Copilot

The integration of Copilot with OneNote transforms proposal creation and task management. This combo streamlines proposals post-meetings and compiles TO-DO lists

Step-By-Step Guides for Utilizing Copilot in OneNote for Making Proposals

Copilot in OneNote automates proposal creation post-business meetings, ensuring precise, formatted documents. It also streamlines task management by efficiently generating TO-DO lists, enhancing organization and productivity. Copilot’s integration with OneNote simplifies complex tasks, ensuring precision and customization tailored to specific business needs.

  • Make a proposal from a business meeting
  • Make a list of TO-DO items.

Make a Proposal from a Business Meeting

  • Open OneNote with all meeting notes saved. Refer to the reference image below.onenote prompt output
  • Output generated by Copilot based on the Prompt “Proposal for ABC Corporation.”onenote prompt output 2onenote prompt output 3

Make a List of TO-DO Items

  • Open OneNote, and compile TO-DO items from meeting notes. Refer to the reference image below.
    onenote prompt output 4

Output based on the Prompt “According to the current section: Our proposal for ABC Corporation a needs assessment to identify challenges and opportunities for improvement.”

onenote prompt output 5


Copilot’s integration with OneNote proves powerful for professionals, streamlining tasks in document creation and task management. Whether crafting proposals or generating TO-DO lists, Copilot enhances efficiency with automation, providing precision and customization. The collaboration between Copilot and OneNote enhances productivity and organization in various business scenarios.

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