Benefits of Microsoft 365 Copilot for Software Developers

Software development in itself is the art of adhering to the requirements and responding to the results as quickly as possible with minimal errors and maximum utility or reuse of codes written. It is a developer’s dream to achieve this in every stage of coding. Microsoft 365 Copilot could be your bet in achieving this. You have the power to collaborate, test, receive online suggestions, and at the same time comply with the coding standards and templates. This might be your way forward in the future development era. Let us discuss some of the key features of Microsoft 365 Copilot that could transform the way you develop software.

Effective Time Management – Microsoft Teams Integration

While traditional ways of development do have collaboration, programmers are bound to use multiple tools to achieve it, and switching from one platform to another takes more time to complete. With Copilot for Microsoft 365, Software Developers can directly involve the necessary people leaders and architects on the same platform, including code corrections over virtual meetings.

In a situation of help is needed for a critical piece of code correction, with the help of Copilot in Teams developers can quickly enable inline chats with their seniors or leads for an urgent check that gets immediate attention and a higher probability of solving it quickly. Better than waiting for a longer time after pasting, in a separate chat which might take longer to get help for every developer.

Coding Made Smarter – Intelligent Code Suggestions and Auto-Completion

Developers love to focus on the solution part rather than on the code typing and syntax. It is a boon to have a real-time code suggestion with Microsoft Copilot auto-completion code suggestions. When a developer types a function line, the co-pilot understands it quickly with the already learned data and suggests intelligently what lines are needed for this specific scenario. This makes it really easy for them to just accept the suggestion and carry on or quickly change it as they need.

To the developer, this means less time focusing on the code itself, which might be a mundane task, and more quality time spent on the solution part of the code to solve the actual purpose of the development. This not only makes life easier but also helps adhere to standards already set by the organization, which are learned using machine learning algorithms.

Integrate Quickly – Extensibility Model for Microsoft Copilot 365 with Plugins:

For a tenured developer, using an existing platform is easier than completely switching to a new one. There may not be APIs already in place for them to use. Being on legacy systems, they might have dependencies on integrating such platforms with the development environment.

An example may be developing features for an end-user ticketing system like ServiceNow. Copilot enables easy integration with such existing platforms using inbuilt APIs, so the developer just chooses it and starts integrating the codes then exporting importing, and validating every time for testing purposes. There are some 50-plus plugins available in early-access user programs for Copilot like – Atlassian, Adobe, ServiceNow, etc.

Testing Made Secure – Code Security with Automated Testing

Traditionally, developers needed an independent testing platform to test their code and also were not sure about how secure or vulnerable their codes might be. Microsoft 365 Copilot has an inbuilt feature that enables automated testing of codes written within the platform. Apart from testing, this also ensures the codes are of higher quality and comply with security standards with suggestions that help to identify and correct vulnerabilities.

Every time, while or just before the production testing phase, a developer has the advantage of running their code with the integrated testing using Copilot and making sure they are free of any potential vulnerability like key user information validation which might be requirements for security standards like GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS etc.

Training Made Easy – Accelerated Learning with Code Examples

Often, developers seek or are required to upgrade their skills in potential languages for the near future demand. This might attract training expenses over and above the existing development setup. Microsoft 365 Copilot could be the best way to help developers learn on the go using the built-in feature of code snippets with specific examples. It is the most effective way of learning new logic and algorithms in the existing languages with auto-suggestion snippets. Also, new language modules can be enabled for learning by incorporating them in new modules.

This enables higher learning possibilities for developers within the same development platform. It can save the cost of implementing a completely different setup of new learning infrastructure. At the same time, they motivate team members to learn new language skills by simply ingesting new language modules in the existing Microsoft 365 Copilot infra.

Improve Quality – Enhanced Code Reviews and Collaboration

Adhering to the objective of the project being developed is the key for every developer. Microsoft 365 Copilot can help here by providing suggestions that are aligned with the context of the mission proposed. Also, this can enable avoiding any deviation in the initial stages by proactively suggesting a better alternative in place of existing plans.

The code quality is upheld by such relevant and proactive suggestions. Developers are informed with better plans to be more precise and accurate toward their respective goals. Even potential issues might be spotted when an older code set is used to develop newer features. This is a win-win for the developer and reviewer in controlling time and quality – two of the three cornerstones of any project development.

A Quick Look at How It Is Done

You can use Chat features in GitHub-Copilot as below

  • Ask Copilot for help with any task or question in the GitHub Copilot Chat view.
  • Inline Chat: Talk with Copilot while writing code, inline in your files.
  • Quick Chat: Bring up a Chat dropdown for quick questions and suggestions.

Inline Suggestions:

  • Start writing your code.
  • Receive a Copilot suggestion in gray (faded) text.
  • Choose to accept Copilot’s suggestion.

If you don’t want to accept any of the suggestions, you can continue typing, and Copilot will continue providing suggestions as you work


Microsoft 365 Copilot positions itself as a powerful tool for software developers, offering a range of advantages. From collaborating with their leads and architects within the development platform to code suggestions to code review and maintenance of standards, Copilot can help transform the way developers work. This not only enhances the existing methods of development but lays the foundation for the future of software development. Also, it becomes a motivational factor for them to learn and grow within the existing platform with a minimal need to spend time on extra tools for integration and testing. Overall, you save time and resources with the advantage of higher code quality in the entire development life cycle under one umbrella.

If you’re a software developer seeking to enhance your coding efficiency, Apps4Rent is your partner for leveraging various Microsoft solutions tailored to your needs.

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