Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Working Together

If you are wondering how you can use Microsoft Teams with SharePoint, there is one fundamental part you are missing. When you are using Microsoft Teams, you are using SharePoint as the collaboration software is built on top of it. Of course, we can differentiate between the functions and features of SharePoint vs Teams explicitly. When developing Microsoft Teams, a need to require top-class file and document sharing provision was already offered by SharePoint. It was not needed to create a new facility from scratch for file sharing. All the capabilities of SharePoint can be accessed through Microsoft Teams, all with more flexibility and functions. The SharePoint web parts and pages are a part of Teams sites.

If you know how to use SharePoint efficiently, you can get an enhanced experience for Microsoft Teams. You know the controls over the shared documents and different methods you can distribute the information within your organization. Presently, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint are integrated fully with further enhancements in the pipeline.

Where Does SharePoint Meet Teams?

The files in Microsoft Teams are involved with SharePoint since it is a robust document management system. Some of the features like SharePoint and Teams are:

  • Content management

    The way you manage content from setting permissions for lists, libraries and sites to the users viewing, editing, and modifying documents metadata.

  • Search functions

    Quick searching is facilitated by the indexing of documents by SharePoint. Instead of using Teams documents for every individual search, the search is formulated by index.

  • Version control

    The former versions of the document can be retained if any recent version gets corrupted.

  • Sites

    Here, the SharePoint sites mean a feature of SharePoint and do not need Microsoft Teams. Though you can add SharePoint sites to Microsoft Teams, you cannot do the vice versa.

How are SharePoint and Teams Primarily Connected?

Microsoft Teams formulates the team collaboration on an individual level through communication tools, while SharePoint formulates on the document level. They are primarily connected because your document can be shared as a part of the conversation. Similarly, you can add a conversation to the document. There can be many channels for existing projects and subgroups for a team. The Group controls the necessary permissions for accessing information. While SharePoint Online, a Team has a Shared Documents folder and every channel of the team has one folder under the Shared Documents folder. All types of files and documents can be viewed in SharePoint through a browser, which is a very important feature. It can be viewed by users who are not any Office 365 plans too. Even if you do not have any dedicated software, people who do not use Teams can view it too.

OneDrive – The Factor in SharePoint and Teams

OneDrive is already built on top of Microsoft Teams. The files can be personally shared from OneDrive accounts on an individual basis. There is a Chat Files folder in OneDrive which stores all the information about private chats. It can only be viewed by people who are authorized by the admin. Generally, a person can view only shared files to them. This allows users to share documents directly instead of using other channels for file sharing such as an email. Once the file is shared using Microsoft Teams, it is uploaded and stored in OneDrive. The receiver’s job becomes easier as all they need to view the file is just click it directly in the chat. Also, all the files available in OneDrive can be synchronized on a local computer. There can be a designation of files such as ‘online only’ or ‘always keep on this device’. The ‘online only’ mode has files existing on a local computer as just links. The other mode protects the offline availability. Synchronization is done using smart updating, copying only the parts of a file that have changed.

How can SharePoint Be Fully Used with Teams?

You can open your files available in Microsoft Teams is accessible through SharePoint. If you do this, the SharePoint associate with the Team is opened which allows you to see metadata, access controls, and version history of the file. Teams files can be synchronized using SharePoint like OneDrive synchronization – including selected files or syncing a full library. This can be done with the use of the OneDrive Sync application.

Get More Information on SharePoint and Teams Integration

In some way or the other, the products such as Teams, Groups, or SharePoint are not an either-or choice. While it may have been the case a few years ago, today all the products are designed to work in better integration. A rich collaboration between SharePoint and Teams will bolster smooth communication within your organization.

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