Microsoft Highlights New Features in Copilot for Microsoft 365

Are you prepared to increase the productivity of your everyday tasks to a new level? Get comfortable, as Microsoft has revealed an abundance of improvements for Copilot for Microsoft 365! With the help of this potent AI companion, you’ll be able to simplify chores and explore your creative side with a range of Microsoft 365 apps, making it even more indispensable. Your one-stop shop for breaking down the new features in Copilot for Microsoft 365 is this blog post. We’ll go into detail with each update, outlining how it can change how you interact with your preferred Microsoft applications.

What Are the New Features in Copilot for Microsoft 365?

Microsoft has significantly advanced Copilot’s capabilities in a number of areas. Here are some new features added to Copilot recently:

  • Increased Language Accessibility: A huge step toward inclusion! The amazing list of new languages supported by Copilot currently stands at 16, including Arabic, Czech, and Korean. Copilot is prepared to adjust and support you, regardless of whether you work in a multilingual setting or just prefer to speak in your mother tongue.
  • Improved Word Search and Document Generation: Make your document creation process more efficient by using Copilot’s recently acquired Word features. You can now use Microsoft Graph’s rich data and insights directly in your document. You can ask questions on Copilot and get responses that work smoothly with your project, saving you time from having to jump between apps. Do you need to condense a certain portion of your document? Not a problem! You can save a ton of time and work by having Copilot do it as well.
  • Data Powerhouse in Excel: An increase in strength is coming for Copilot in Excel! Now, you can use a single prompt to construct many formula columns at once. You now have the ability to quickly divide a name column into distinct first and last name portions, thanks to Copilot. Complex formula columns that span several tables are also no longer an obstacle.
  • Safe Access on Mobile Devices: With the Copilot mobile app, which now provides safe access to AI-powered online chat, you can be productive while on the go. You may take advantage of Copilot’s genius from any location thanks to this functionality, which is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. Additionally, Microsoft includes commercial data security at no additional cost, so you can work with peace of mind knowing that confidential information is protected.
  • Fine-Tuning Prompts with Notebook: Accuracy is essential! With Copilot’s new Notebook function, you can create prompts with greater precision and go beyond simple chat exchanges. Consider it a virtual whiteboard where you can iterate through your prompts until you get the desired result; this is especially helpful for writing or creating code.
  • Improved App Transitions: To guarantee a smooth transition, Microsoft’s App Assure program now accepts Copilot clients switching to the monthly update channel, thus ensuring a seamless experience. This is good news for businesses looking to take advantage of the newest capabilities and preserve maximum compatibility with other Microsoft apps.
  • Restricted SharePoint Search: Administrators can have more precise control over the content that Copilot can access using restricted SharePoint search. This gives you the ability to uphold data governance procedures without interfering with the deployment of Copilot.
  • Control Copilot Availability in Teams Meetings: The Teams admin center is now where Microsoft 365 administrators may control Copilot availability. This allows you to choose the times at which meeting organizers are permitted to use Copilot.
  • Use Copilot to Produce and Use Word Documents More Effectively:
    • When creating a new document draft, use Draft with Copilot to reference files that have sensitivity labels. The new draft will immediately inherit the sensitivity label from the referenced file.
    • In a Word document, summarize specific text blocks to share in emails or other documents (now available in Word for the web).
    • Rather than looking for a supported file using the file reference menu (accessible in Draft with Copilot), copy and paste the link to the file as a reference (available in May).
  • Use Local Files to Ground Copilot Prompts: In addition to OneDrive and SharePoint files, you can now ground your prompts in local files.
  • Graph-Grounded Chat for Copilot Now Available in Outlook: You can link and reason across all of your company data, including chats, documents, meetings, and emails, starting in May when you use Copilot in Outlook.
  • Improved Copilot Skills with Copilot Academy in Viva Learning: Microsoft launched Microsoft Copilot Academy recently, offering organized instructional materials to assist you in discovering, understanding, and using Copilot efficiently.

The latest updates for Microsoft Copilot represent a substantial advancement in AI-powered productivity for Microsoft users. Copilot has the potential to completely transform the way you work, with powerful new features in Word, Excel, and Outlook as well as improved accessibility. Microsoft is setting the path for a future where intelligent assistants easily integrate into our workflows, enabling us to accomplish more in less time, with its dedication to continuous development and user experience.

Apps4Rent Can Help with Copilot Integration

Microsoft’s dedication to ongoing enhancement is seen in the most recent releases of Copilot for Microsoft 365. The potential for increased productivity is practically endless as Copilot’s language skills improve and the range of languages it supports grows.

Are you prepared for the work of the future? Explore Copilot for Microsoft 365 to see the endless possibilities! As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, Apps4Rent is committed to assisting you in getting the most out of Copilot. Our team of professionals is ready to help you with configuration so that your Copilot experience runs smoothly and securely. Contact us now via phone, email, or chat to start enjoying the new features in Copilot for Microsoft 365.

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