How to Migrate from Heart Internet to Office 365?

Heart Internet is a web hosting company based in Nottingham that provides email services in addition to a broad range of other hosting services. It offers calendars, contacts, and task lists along with its email services and allows users to access their emails from any device. It also provides built-in spam and anti-virus protection. Although it offers a number of functions, users generally find alternate email hosting providers because of the unreliability and security concerns with its servers. In this article, we will discuss how to migrate from Heart Internet to Office 365.

Why Migrate from Heart Internet to Microsoft/ Office 365?

Migrating from Heart Internet to Office 365/ Microsoft helps users take advantage of the additional features of the cloud-native productivity suite along with email services. Here are some of the advantages of migrating from Heart Internet to Office 365/ Microsoft 365.

  • Unlike Heart Internet, which is a standalone email hosting service, Office 365/ Microsoft 365 provides access to Microsoft-managed cloud-connected features such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint online, in addition to extra services like Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and many more.
  • Heart Internet does not provide any uptime guarantee on its basic plans, whereas Office 365 provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee on all its plans.
  • Office 365/ Microsoft 365 provides 1000+ security and privacy controls that comply with all recognized international standards.
  • Exchange Online in Office 365 provides archive mailboxes, shared mailboxes, public folder mailboxes, and other types of mailboxes in addition to 100GB storage in individual mailboxes for some plans.

How to Migrate Emails from Heart Internet to Microsoft/ Office 365?

Follow the instructions given to migrate Heart Internet emails to Office 365.

  • Assign Office 365/ Microsoft 365 licenses to users that need to be migrated from Heart Internet’s email.
  • Fetch details such as the server IP, MX, and DNS records, which will be available in Heart Internet’s website.
  • Create a CSV with the email addresses, usernames, and passwords of the users which are to be migrated to Office 365.
  • Create an endpoint in the Exchange admin center to connect Office 365 server with Heart Internet IMAP server.
  • If there are several emails, create batches, and initiate the migration.
  • Once the emails have been moved from Heart Internet email to Office 365 mailboxes, change the DNS settings
  • Update the MX records to route emails directly to the Exchange Online mailboxes.
  • After the emails are routed successfully, delete the batches, and stop synchronizing Heart Internet and Exchange Online email servers.

Apps4Rent Can Help with Heart Internet to Office 365 Migration

Regardless of the method that you use for Heart Internet to Office 365/ Microsoft 365 migration, configuring accounts properly is challenging for most businesses, especially if attachments, metadata, contacts, and other details must be preserved.

As a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solutions Provider), Apps4Rent provides end-to-end Office 365/ Microsoft 365 migration services from on-premises environments as well as other cloud solutions and can help you to migrate from Heart Internet to Office 365 without any data loss. Contact our Microsoft certified migration experts available 24/7 on phone, chat, and email support.

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