How to Migrate from Mimecast to Microsoft 365 Defender?

A majority of cyber-attacks use email as the primary vector. Most businesses have deployed some email protection solutions to minimize the possibility of attacks coming from emails. Mimecast Secure Email Gateway is one of the more popular email security services that businesses use to combat email-borne threats. Many of these businesses use Office 365/ Microsoft 365 as their preferred communication platform. In the last few years, Microsoft has enhanced its security products significantly, and the Microsoft 365 Defender suite has become one of the most advanced protection suites, negating the need for third-party solutions. In this article, we will explore how businesses can migrate from Mimecast to Microsoft 365 Defender.

What Are the Advantages of Migrating from Mimecast to Microsoft 365 Defender?

Microsoft 365 Defender offers several unique capabilities that are not available in Mimecast Secure Email Gateway. Here are some of the advantages of migrating from Mimecast to Microsoft 365 Defender.

  • Microsoft 365 Defender is a comprehensive suite of security services, including Defender for Endpoint, Defender for Office 365, Defender for Identity, and Cloud App Security, that integrate and synchronize seamlessly to detect, prevent, investigate, and respond to complex attacks.
  • It offers a unique Evaluation Mode feature that filters email while preserving IP address and sender information, without admins having to change MX record configuration for email routing, which cannot be done with upstream email security solutions such as Mimecast.
  • It provides an integrated admin portal that consolidates information from endpoint, identity, and application protection tools and simplifies monitoring and management.
  • The one-click integration with the Azure Sentinel security information and event manager (SIEM) platform can help security specialists analyze massive volumes of data quickly to protect enterprise assets.
  • It does not require additional infrastructure or integrations to protect emails, endpoints, identities, or applications.
  • Native Uniform Resource Locator (URL) protection for Office applications, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as internal emails.
  • Built-in Configuration Analyzer, Attack Simulator, and advanced protection in addition to Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) checks.

How to Migrate from Mimecast Email Gateway to Microsoft 365 Defender?

The migration from Mimecast to Microsoft 365 Defender is best done in a phased manner. Here is an outline of the process involved in Mimecast Microsoft 365 Defender migration.

  • In the first phase, the Mimecast email security configuration is reviewed, and the protection goals and migration challenges are determined. Sensitive users are identified, and a trial migration to Microsoft 365 Defender is set up.
  • A solution is designed to meet the security requirements, and a plan is reviewed and communicated with key stakeholders.
  • Configure the policies as planned in the first phase for the pilot users. Use the test results for other users. Ideally, high-priority users, such as those in the finance department and other business-critical departments should be migrated first from Mimecast to Microsoft 365 Defender.
  • After adjusting the policies and the scope to include other users, change the MX records to point to Microsoft services to ensure that Microsoft Defender services filter the traffic.
  • Once Microsoft 365 Defender services are deployed and fully active, periodically review the deployment and make appropriate changes to the policy configuration.

Apps4Rent Can Help with Mimecast to Microsoft 365 Defender Migration

While Microsoft 365 Defenders offers significantly better protection to endpoints, emails, and identities than a combination of several third-party products, one of the biggest challenges for security admins is to migrate and implement appropriate policies to protect users and workloads. Incorrect implementation could leave businesses vulnerable to attacks.

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner and a Tier 1 CSP, Apps4Rent has deep expertise in migrating mailboxes from email protection solutions such as Mimecast to Microsoft 365 Defender. Contact our Microsoft-certified security consultants available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email for assistance.

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