Office 365/SharePoint Intranet Solutions

Some of the best intranets are developed on SharePoint or with the use of Office 365 with SharePoint. Office 365 intranet solutions are very popular among Office 365 users, especially small and mid-sized businesses. The major reason is that they are easy to build, cost-effective, and within the Microsoft ecosystem. The Microsoft brand ensures trust among developers to use SharePoint intranet solutions as the first choice for collaboration platforms.

Office 365 intranet solutions are used by some biggest organizations in the United States including Advocate Health Care, a popular hospital chain in the state of Illinois.

Why is Office 365 a perfect platform for the intranet?

Office 365 intranet solutions are used to speed up shared business processes. It can accelerate shared business processes. It can also help manage and reiterate the content. SharePoint team sites help to connect a team to the content and data which is relied on a day-to-day basis.

Since SharePoint is available as a part of the Office 365 package, a collaborative and flexible framework within SharePoint makes it a much-desired solution for the intranet. A certain kind of industries including health care, technology and services, staffing, and recruiting, construction prefers Office 365 intranet solutions with SharePoint the most. Though it may not be an exhaustive list, simple and easy-to-build collaborative features of SharePoint make it a viable intranet solution.

Is SharePoint 2019 good for creating an intranet?

The recent version SharePoint 2019 has augmented the features of intranet capabilities which further strengthens flexibility, interface, and user-friendliness. Office 365 intranets are highly customizable as per the requirements of a company’s brand.

With SharePoint, there is ample space for industry-specific experiences such as mixed reality which are useful in hiring, onboarding, staffing, and hiring processes. For example, during the COVID pandemic when companies or schools could not provide a physical orientation, they opted for a virtual orientation that offered their new employees and students a 360-degree tour online.

An Office 365 intranet solution built with SharePoint always allows businesses to stay connected, even when team members are located remotely. With quick real-time updates on the intranet, all members of the organization have access to the latest to company information, and silos are reduced drastically. Also, an intranet solution built with Office 365 SharePoint has smoother integration with CRM, BI, ERP, and other systems. This ensures business continuity and productivity never suffers due to technical glitches.

Integration of Office 365 components with SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online can be easily integrated with Office 365 components such as Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Exchange, Yammer, Planner, and more. This builds an effective integration helping to boost the digital environments with premium features. SharePoint Online is integrated with Microsoft Teams offers internal collaboration among teams, increases employee engagement and effective communication. Office 365 intranet solutions work because they can be integrated easily with SharePoint Online.

What lies ahead for the intranet market?

Going by the trend, it is safe to say that future of intranet market solutions is with Office 365. As Microsoft continues to evolve SharePoint, it remains as the content house of Office 365. More features of SharePoint Online are increasingly being added to the 2019 version, cementing Microsoft’s idea to move SharePoint towards Cloud. This makes it easy for many on-premises users to opt SharePoint for creating their intranet. Because of the same reason, many companies with older SharePoint versions are migrating to SharePoint 2019.

Get help in implementing Office 365 intranet solutions

If you are looking to improve your company’s performance with intranet or considering to move from your existing intranet to a full-fledged Office 365 intranet solution, get an expert’s help who knows how to build robust intranet solutions with Office 365 and SharePoint.

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