Microsoft Teams Premium Launched with AI-Powered Features

With the change in work patterns, hybrid work has become increasingly popular providing a lot of flexibility to users. The majority of time spent working continues to be consumed by virtual and hybrid meetings. Hence, businesses need an integrated solution that combines all the advanced meeting capabilities, taking meeting culture to the next level. Microsoft Teams Premium is a new add-on license that allows businesses to enhance their current Teams experience with more personalized, intelligent, and protected meetings and provides many more additional features. It offers AI-powered meetings, including Large Language Models powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 that enables businesses to start managing meeting overload and discover important meeting highlights. In this article, we will discuss the new features offered by Microsoft Teams Premium.

What Are the Features of Teams Premium?

It allows users to work together in real-time, whether they are in the same location or working remotely, and other features such as:

  • Uses AI to increase the effectiveness and impact of meetings by removing language barriers with live translation for captions.
  • Contains advanced recap capabilities that enable smarter recordings with automatically generated chapters, AI-suggested action items, and insights allowing users to rapidly catch up on missed sessions where their name was mentioned.
  • Enhances the security of virtual meetings by enabling users to apply sophisticated meeting security measures like Watermark, End-to-end encryptions, and Sensitivity labels for meetings.
  • Offers cutting-edge features including text-based reminders, virtual appointments with custom branding, and a unified dashboard for virtual appointments with rapid access to calendars, queues, and analytics to track important use insights like no-show rates and wait time data per appointment.
  • Allows users to manage demand and registration capacity by enabling a waitlist and manual approval of registrants.

What Are the Different Release Timeline for Teams Premium Features?

There are some features, which will be moved from Teams licenses to Teams Premium licenses after the general release of Teams Premium. Although, these features will be available for the users for a certain period of time:

  • Live translation of captions – available to all for 60 days.
  • Custom together mode scenes – available to all for 30 days.
  • Timeline markers in Teams meetings recordings – available to all for 60 days.
  • PPT Live Chapters – available to all for 60 days.
  • Virtual Appointments – available to all for 30 days.

How to Avail Teams Premium Subscription?

Teams Premium is now generally available. Users who already have Microsoft 365/ Office 365 licenses can add Teams Premium as an add-on to their existing Microsoft 365 services. It is available for an introductory price of $7 per user per month until 30 June 2023. Later, it will increase to the standard pricing of $10 per user per month. IT administrators can also enroll their tenants into the trial through the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. Once it is activated, tenant admins will receive a limited number of trial licenses for users in their company, which they can assign for a 30-day period.

Apps4Rent Can Help with Microsoft 365/ Teams Licenses

Microsoft Teams Premium is a powerful collaboration and communication platform that offers advanced features, compliance support, and security features to help businesses take their communication to the next level, thus boosting productivity.

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, Apps4Rent can provide ideal Microsoft 365/ Office 365 licenses and can help in customizing Teams Premium according to your business requirements. Contact our Microsoft-certified experts available 24/7/365 via phone, chat, and email for assistance.

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