What Is Microsoft Defender for Business?

Data security is one of the biggest concerns for small and medium businesses primarily because of the increasing frequency of complex cyberattacks that are becoming automated and indiscriminate. Most businesses have the added responsibility of manually monitoring their assets due to the limited capabilities of their antivirus software, which may be able to protect endpoints and devices, but not cloud workloads. Microsoft Defender for Business is the latest endpoint security solution designed to provide enterprise-grade endpoint security to small and medium businesses with up to 300 seats. It is affordable and cost-effective in protecting Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices against cybersecurity threats.

Why Should Businesses Upgrade to Microsoft Defender for Business?

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint provides significantly better security than traditional antivirus software. It includes next-generation protection, endpoint detection and response, threat and vulnerability management, and other cutting-edge capabilities. Here are some of the advantages of upgrading to Microsoft Defender for Business.

  • It includes many of the capabilities from the industry-leading Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, such as Automated Investigation and Remediation (AIR), that are optimized for smaller businesses.
  • It does not require specialist security knowledge for installation and management. With streamlined experiences for guiding admins to action with recommendations and insights into the security of their endpoints, businesses can secure their endpoints with less complexity and fewer gaps in applications and devices that can be exploited by attackers. Additionally, several security policies activated out-of-the-box, allowing admins to set up devices quickly using a wizard-driven setup.
  • It reduces operational overheads and does not require admins to be familiar with complex cybersecurity concepts to onboard and manage endpoint security. Consequently, it delivers maximum security value at an attractive price point. It can be used either as a standalone solution or as a part of Microsoft 365 Business Premium to provide comprehensive security to endpoints along with Microsoft Teams and other Office 365 components.

What Are the Capabilities of Microsoft Defender for Business?

Here are some of the enterprise-grade capabilities in Microsoft Defender for Business.

  • Threat and Vulnerability Management

    Microsoft Defender for Business helps in discovering, prioritizing, and remediating software vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. With this, admins can focus on weaknesses that need urgent attention and pose the maximum risk to the business.

  • Attack Surface Reduction

    With capabilities such as ransomware mitigation, application control, web protection, network protection, network firewall, and attack surface reduction rules, the attack surface for cyberattacks across devices and applications can be reduced significantly.

  • Next-Generation Protection

    Front-door threats are effectively neutralized with antimalware and antivirus protection both on devices, and in the cloud.

  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

    Persistent threats can be removed from the environment using behavioral-based detection and response alerts. Admins have direct access to enrolled devices, helping them remediate and secure them quickly if manual responses are required.

  • Automated Investigation and Remediation (AIR)

    Security operations can be scaled seamlessly by examining alerts and taking immediate action to resolve attacks. This reduces alert volume, remediates threats, and allows the security team to focus on more sophisticated threats.

  • API and Workflow Integration

    Defender for Business is designed to work with existing security platforms and reporting tools. This allows data and information to flow between platforms, providing a comprehensive security cover for workloads and devices.

Apps4Rent Can Help with Microsoft Defender for Business

Microsoft Defender for Business provides advanced security features that are typically available in dedicated endpoint security solution to small and medium businesses at an affordable price. It eliminates the need for deploying an additional endpoint solution reducing unnecessary overheads. As a part of the Microsoft 365 Business Premium plan, businesses can take advantage of a cutting-edge security solution at virtually no additional costs. However, it is also available as a standalone solution priced at $3 per user per month. As a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP, Apps4Rent can help with Microsoft Defender for Business licensing, deployment, and customization. Contact our cloud security specialists, available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email for assistance.

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