OneDrive Personal Vault: How Does It Augment Your File Security?

OneDrive Personal Vault: How Does It Augment Your File Security?

Microsoft has injected an additional layer of security for sensitive files and has named the service OneDrive Personal Vault. It was available for select markets as early as June and had been planned to roll out the service globally by the end of 2019. It has, however, made available the One Drive Personal Vault to all users by the last week of September.

With OneDrive Personal Vault, Microsoft has provided a dedicated space in OneDrive where users can protect sensitive files with additional security in the form of two-factor authentication that users can choose between an addition PIN, facial or fingerprint recognition, or an authentication code sent by SMS or email in addition to the login details.

To upload documents to the OneDrive Vault, all users have to do is to point, shoot and scan the document and upload it straight to the Personal Vault using the OneDrive mobile app. Besides, data is protected in a Bitlocker-encryption area on local hard drives of PCs. Additionally, files stored on Personal Vault are locked for editing after a certain period of inactivity and cannot be shared.

Users with a standalone OneDrive account can store up to three files in the Personal Vault while Office 365 subscribers are not subjected to any limits.

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