AI Based Noise Suppression Features in Microsoft Teams

At a time when collaboration tools and applications are becoming indispensable for office communication, developers such as Microsoft, Slack, Facebook, and Google are adding a slew of new features at a breakneck pace to corner market share. While many of these updates, such as the hand-raising feature, pop-out feature for chats, and together mode in Teams, are relatively simple, others such as real-time transcription, are far more sophisticated. While these features are useful inclusions in Microsoft Teams, one feature that could differentiate it from the rest of the competition is its real-time noise suppression feature scheduled to be launched in November 2020. Let us explore what to expect from the AI-based noise suppression features in Microsoft Teams.

What Is The AI-Based Noise Suppression Feature in Microsoft Teams?

The Artificial Intelligence-based noise suppression feature in Microsoft Teams is a feature for reducing extraneous noise in real-time. With this feature, noise from typing, rustling, and other background sounds can be eliminated. While most communication tools and video conferencing applications have some simple noise suppression features that can cover stationary noise, such as the drone of a fan that remains more or less constant, they cannot filter out non-stationary sounds, such as that of a barking dog in the background.

With the Microsoft Teams AI-based noise suppression feature, non-stationary background sounds, such as that from someone shutting a door can be filtered out in real-time. This feature leverages machine learning, in which training sets of such noises are used to isolate them from human speeches. Additionally, users can control noise suppression better by making appropriate changes to the settings. For example, setting the suppression level to “high” will filter more background noises.

Apps4Rent Can Help with Microsoft Teams Implementation

The AI-based noise suppression feature in Microsoft Teams is likely to give the application a significant edge over its competitors, thanks to the specially trained deep neutral networks that leverage the vast capabilities of Azure. Not only has Microsoft applied its deep machine learning expertise to integrate these capabilities into Teams, but also has done it in such a way the application does not compromise on performance despite the vast compute requirements. As a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP, Apps4Rent can help businesses migrate to Teams from other applications such as Slack, and Google Hangouts. Contact our migration experts, available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email for Office 365/ Microsoft 365 plans with Teams and migration assistance.

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