Vonage Business Communications Vs Microsoft Teams

Communication and collaboration are critical for the remote workforce to ensure optimal productivity and business efficiency. While the pandemic has forced people to work from home, it has also provided technology companies an opportunity to come up with innovative tools that can fit the business communication requirements. Today, we are going to compare Vonage Business Communication (VBC) tools with Microsoft Teams with the intention to help you select the one that can streamline your communication processes and ensure efficiency across information sharing.

How Does Teams Help the Workforce Communicate and Collaborate Effectively?

Microsoft Teams is information sharing software that enables you to communicate via text messaging, voice calling, and video calling. The software also provides features for arranging team meetings and conferences. As the software is tightly integrated with Microsoft 365 tools, it is also possible for Microsoft 365/ Office 365 users to share files and work in real-time without leaving Teams. Teams allows you to download and use various enterprise and sales management tools from the Teams App Center.

It has built-in capabilities for Voice-over-IP (VoIP) calling and the ability to make, receive, and transfer calls can be enabled with the Microsoft 365 Business Voice integration. This integration offers Private Branch Exchange (PBX) features required for making and receiving calls from and to fixed dialing and mobile phones. However, you do not need to buy this service separately if you opt for Office 365 Enterprise E5 or Microsoft 365 E5 plan. The E5 plan has more robust collaboration and productivity tools with an advanced phone system.

How Does Vonage Business Communication Solution Work?

Vonage Business Communication platform activates communication through voice, text, fax, meetings, and more. The solution offers more than 50 unified communication features including video collaboration with Vonage Meetings and productivity apps with Vonage App Center. Vonage is a phone system that operates through the internet. Employees can start a conversation with other employees or clients using VBC from anywhere. You may find most file sharing, VoIP calling, and video features are identical in Vonage Business Communication and Microsoft Teams.

Why Do Enterprises Prefer Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a powerful platform for communication and collaboration for SMBs and educational organizations, having an integrated system for VoIP calling and video collaboration. Teams enables you to share your screen and record a conversation for future reference. It comes included with Microsoft 365 / Office 365 Business and Enterprise plans and is tightly integrated with Microsoft 365 productivity suite, which makes it likely to produce more advantages for Microsoft-centric businesses. Teams can integrate with various enterprise software programs, including Salesforce to help you accomplish business tasks without having to exit the app.

Vonage Business Communication Vs Teams – How to Select?

Both Vonage Business Communication and Microsoft Teams offer a variety of internet-based features across communication and collaboration. However, an integrated team collaboration program like Teams and a standalone unified communication software solution like Vonage Business Communication may not allow feature-to-feature comparison. The tools and technologies in use at your organization can however provide a direction to your decision-making. If you are a Microsoft-friendly organization, you can use Teams for communication, productivity, and workflow management, and enable a comprehensive phone system via the Microsoft 365 Business Voice add-on. You can also subscribe to Microsoft 365 E5 that comes with enterprise-level services, Teams, and a robust phone system, all included.

Apps4Rent Is a Prominent Name among Microsoft Solutions Providers

Whether Microsoft Teams or Vonage Business Communication platform will be a more profitable choice for your business will depend on various aspects, including the existing infrastructure. Strategic consulting based on the in-depth analysis of your requirements by a Microsoft certified engineer can help you determine why one tool can prove better than the other for you. As a Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, Apps4Rent helps you successfully deploy and leverage Microsoft solutions. We are available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email to support your digital transformation initiatives built around Microsoft 365/Office 365 plans and Microsoft Teams. Contact us today.

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