Google Voice Vs Microsoft Teams – Which Service Is Better?

Google Voice and Microsoft Teams have saved various businesses from damage during the pandemic era by providing them innovative solutions for business communication. These services are constantly learning from the experience of people working from a distance and regularly releasing updates to address the challenges the remote workforce often faces. While selecting a tool for streamlining communication at scale, you may feel a need to compare Google Voice with Microsoft Teams to understand the difference and analyze why one can be better than the other for your business. This article compares them for you based on their features, benefits, and integrations.

What Is Microsoft Teams Used For?

Microsoft Teams is a communication tool that comes integrated into Microsoft 365 Business and Enterprise plans. It has an easy-to-use interface and works well with other tools in the Microsoft Office 365 productivity suite. The client software offers technology, resources, integrations, and guidance to ensure the remote workforce remains productive and communicates in real-time. It allows you to communicate through text messaging, internet-based calling, video, conferencing, and more. Teams also enables users to share files and the screen of their device in real-time. With an additional service called Microsoft Teams Business Voice, Teams enables a feature-rich phone system for making and joining calls using your mobile or landline phone.

What Is Google Voice?

Google Voice is a telephone system that offers services for voice and text messaging, call forwarding and voicemail for Google account holders in the United States and Google Workspace customers in select countries. It enables you to stay connected and organized through an easy-to-use phone solution. The service can be customized to fit your workflow requirements. You can assign or port a number to Google Voice using the Google Workspace Admin console. The phone calling service uses Google’s AI to filter spam calls, transcribe voicemails automatically, and let you configure your PBX.

Google Voice Vs Microsoft Teams – How to Choose?

While Microsoft Teams is a robust communication and collaboration platform, Google Voice is a phone system for business telephony. They are two different services for two different purposes. Teams provides a complete set of features for communication, teamwork, and workflow management. On the other hand, Google Voice features revolve around the phone and internet-based calling. You can quickly add a phone system to Teams with an additional service called Teams Business Voice, whereas Google Voice integrates with Google productivity suite – Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) products – for performance enhancement.

Choosing a single tool that ideally solves various business use-cases isn’t always easy as there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The good thing about Google Voice and Microsoft Teams is that they seamlessly integrate with other tools offered by their respective developers. This means if you are already relying on products from Google or Microsoft, it will be easy for you to make a decision.

If you are starting from scratch, Microsoft Teams can be a better choice as it has messaging, voice, and video features and can be expanded to accommodate PBX capabilities. Alternatively, if your requirements include powerful productivity applications, collaboration capabilities, as well as strong telephony, you can consider the Microsoft 365 E5 that comes with all Microsoft Office 365 applications, Microsoft Teams, and an advanced phone system in-built.

Apps4Rent Can Help Implement and Manage Microsoft 365 Services

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